Successful (but long!) Ultrasound

5 Nov

So we made it to our ultrasound on Wednesday morning. We were to be there at 7:30a.m. with our appointment being at 8a.m. Since I have been regularly going to the Montfort in the morning for appointments and blood work I knew that I did not have to be there 30 minutes earlier as registration never seems to take that long since they have just opened.

I was told to have a full bladder. Ya right. You get a pregnant women, who pees every 60 minutes even when she is not pregnant, to hold her bladder for that long and it can be HELL! Needless to say I knew there was no way I would even get enough water in me to fill the bladder without vomitting it all up. Sure enough, I had my toast and peanut butter waiting for me when I woke up (thanks to my lovely husband who has been jumping leaps and bounds to make sure I am taken care of), took a gravol, my diclectin and then moved onto the water. Before 7a.m. all the water I had drank came right back up, along with the Gravol. Took another gravol and slowly got dressed and we made our way out the door. Have I mentioned that we live almost next door to the hospital? Extremely convenient, especially when you don’t want to leave the house until the last minute. Tried to drink water while I registered and then waited until the ultrasound.

We got called in 10 mins later than appointment and I already had to pee! The lady told us that it could take 5 minutes of an hour, depending on whether the baby wanted to cooperate and move to right position for us. Of course, we had a stubborn baby who wanted to stay in one position only which made it hard for her to take the different neck measurements. Adam and I were both relieved to confirm that there was definately a baby growing inside me and that there was indeed a reason for me being so sick! The lady poked and protuded my stomach and had me turn in various positions. She then called in another technician to see if she could get it. Baby would still not flip around so she had us leave and go for a walk. I was starving so we got a bagel and walked around for 15 minutes. Still had to pee and was trying so hard to hold it! Went back to have ultrasound again, and baby still had not moved. Heartbeat was solid at 166BPM. We walked again for another 30 minutes. Well, I walked non stop up and down the halls. I think people thought I was possibly a bit insane, and kept sanitizing my hands whenever I passed a hand sanitizer (no way am I getting that freakin H1N1). Finally went back for 3rd ultrasound and baby had completely flipped around. It was now 10a.m. and she took the final measurements and we were on our way.

We now have 2 very cute, but alien like, pictures of the little babes in tummy and confirmed there are 2 arms, 2 legs, spine, nasal bones formed, etc!

Then it was on to get some blood work. The ladies know me very well at the blood lab now and they took me almost immediately and I was done. For the girl who used to be afraid of needles, I would say I am over that fear now with all the blood drawing and poking I have had the past few months.

Adam and I headed home, where I had a little nap and we spent the day relaxing.

Still feeling like crap but keep reminding myself its for a good cause!


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