Got the the freakin Swine Shot

8 Nov

So I went yesterday and got the Swine Flu shot. I had flipped back and forth for about a month now. I have never received the regular flu shot and as most of you know don’t believe in putting chemical crap in my body. PS this means we will also not be using any chemical soaps and shampoo’s, creams, etc on the baby. No Johnson products for us, so please dont buy any. I don’t care how good they smell!

I talked to my doctor a few weeks about when the shot first came out. I thought he would say to go and get it but he was hesitant and said not to get the adjuvented shot but to wait for the unadjuvented one. However, he said since I work with close to 100 kids per week at times that it may be better to just get the adjuvented to be sure I didn’t get the swine flu. Basically it came down to that there was a high chance I could get the adjuvented shot and something could happen to the baby or I could get severe case of swine and something happen to the baby. We decided to take the chance and wash hands lots, limit the kids classes I was teaching and stay away from public places when possible and wait for the unadjuvented one.

When the unadjuvented one became available Adam and I agreed that it was not that safe to stand in a 5 hour line up with other high risk people who were possibly already sick. Plus, I hardly have the energy these days to make it through teaching a yoga class or two, let along standing in line for that long. We were also skeptical of what the consequences may be of this shot years down the road. Sure, WHO has deemed it safe, but we don’t always trust government regulated industries. We like to go more the natural route.

The Dr. called Friday night and said that he really wanted me to go and get it and that Montfort was having a special clinic yesterday for their pregnant patients. This would mean no line ups, quick and easy and he thought it was important for the safety and well being of myself and the baby. Since we trust this Dr and he has jumped leaps and boudns to help us and gone beyond the call of duty of several times. I was blessed to get him as my Gyn years ago and he is also a leading OB and fertility specialist in Ottawa. When this Dr says jump he is probably the only person my respond back is how high?!

So Adam dropped me off at Montfort and waited outside while I went in. It took longer to fill out the forms (pages of them for gods sakes, for a supposed safe vaccine!!!), got the shot and then they made me wait 15 minutes after. I waited for about 8 and then quietly snuck out. The nurse told me to ice my arm on and off that day and to take tylenol for the next 24 hours to reduce any fever side effects.

Even with the icing my arm is extremely sore today and hurts to lift it. I also took tylenol and still woke up with a fever last night and was sweating. Hoping the arm feels better tomorrow as I teach a Mom & Baby yoga class and a Power class on Tuesday!

In the meantime still washing hands regularly and Purell is a great friend of mine. My hands are all cracked and dry from all of it. The shot is supposed to take approx. 10 days to come in effect and fingers are crossed that because I got the stupid shot I better not get swined!


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