Hospital Etiquette

14 Nov

Listen lady who is putting her nail polish on while I am waiting for my blood work be courteous of those around you. I know you are all dolled up with hair done and make up on while I sit here in sweat pants holding down my toast BUT I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE!!!

I have been visiting here long enough to know that I am not the only patient who is pissed at you right now. Put the stinky stuff away and read a magazine like the rest of us. Because if you don’t put it away I will tell the nurse on you.

I know you know it stinks. You keep looking at me as I give you the stare of death with my scarf up over my nose and mouth. You have pissed me off, and its FRIDAY for heavens sakes.

Thankfully they called my name before yours because I was afraid what I may do to you or say next.

Lesson of the day… NOT take anything into your doctors, dentist, hospital or even a public bus for that matter where the smell may offend somebody.

Oh yes, and while I am on my rant please don’t cut your frickin nails on the bus!

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