Dear Husband, I am SORRY!

23 Nov

Dear Loving Husband, I am SORRY!

Dear loving husband,

I know the past few months have not been easy for you and you have somehow maintained your cool at all times with me. I appreciate you more than you will ever know and wanted to ensure you knew that I was sorry. Sorry for….

1. Not cleaning a single thing in our home for the past 3 months. You have been so willing to complete all loving lists I have left for you. I do have to say that I think I have been pretty good at not getting upset when its not done to Amanda standard. I have learned to accept that your way is just fine and I appreciate that you take the time to complete the task with love.

2. Making you eat whatever I want to eat, whenever I want to, from wherever I want to. I know you are getting sick of the Lonestar, but maybe just one more time soon we can have fajitas from there? Thanks for the poutine and mozzarella stick breakfasts for two days in a row, and the loads of BBQ chicken sandwiches with your homemade BBQ sauce. I promise, and hope to god soon, that I will want to eat a variety of things. Hey, tonight we had spaghetti, that was a change!

3. Not letting you drink coffee whenever you want to and not letting you drink it out of a regular mug. Thank you for knowing how much the smell bothers me (bother is probably an understatement) and asking before you make a cup. I am happy that your travel mug has become your permanent coffee cup. Boy how I miss coffee, but its smell right now is NASTY!

4. For the hot pink barf buckets that decorate each floor of our house and putting up with hearing my violent sickies because of our little baby growing in my tummy. I know its not pleasant to listen to all morning, afternoon and night!

5. While I am apologizing for bodily functions now may be a good time to apologize for the noises my bowels have been making. I am sorry your pregnant wife as turned into a noise making machine at times. Please do know that when one is constipated due to increased hormones these noises do provide me with a few moments of relief! Don’t you want that for your wife?!

6. That I don’t like it when you are in a grumpy mood, but its okay when I am. I know, its a double standard. You knew what you were getting into when you married me! I vow to try not to get bothered when you have crappy days and will let you just be in a grump! I know it only happens once or twice a year so I think I can “put up with it” with a loving face!

7. I AM SO SORRY that I told you I wanted to throw your head into a wall. I really don’t know what took over my mind and body that night! I know you were just trying to help as you saw I was becoming frustrated but I didn’t feel like I needed your help. Then out of nowhere I am sorry that I freaked out and asked why you weren’t helping me when I had just turned down your offer. I have no idea what frustrated me enough to tell you that I was mad enough to throw your head through a wall, but I am sorry.

As you know this list could go on and on for a very long time, but I am getting tired of typing. You know it can be hard for me to apologize sometimes, so this is my start.

I love you more today than I did yesterday and love waking up to you every morning.


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