We Found Our Doula!!

20 Dec

It was love at first sight, well for me anyways, can’t speak for hubby! Well, may not of been love at first sight, but definitely was “you are the one for us” at first sight!

After a few weeks of putting together a list of names and looking online to see whose profiles interested us I called a few local Doula’s. To be completely honest if they didn’t have a website and I couldn’t do some sort of inital screening online with their expertise, views and experiene they didn’t make the first list cut.

Then it was to compile a list of questions that we could ask our Doula’s. I wasn’t really sure what to ask but compiled some questions I had, plus various doula sites had recommended questions to ask your potential Doula.

We met first with Anna, the one that won our hearts, and were impressed with how calm yet energetic she was at the same time, how comfortbale I felt and seemed to click with her personality and her experience both as a mother (4 of her own children) plus the various births she had assisted mothers and their partners with.

When we left the interview with Anna I knew in the back of my mind that she was the one for us, however felt that we should do our due diligence and speak to some others.

Doula #2 came to our house the next day and our meeting lasted no more than 20 minutes. Our questions were answered thoroughly and she was very qualified but our personalities did not seem to click the same as with Anna. I had a few other Doula’s we were going to possibly meet later that week but I went with my first instinct and booked Anna before she got booked for another birth!

A huge relief for us is that I am also familiar with Anna’s back up Doula. She works with Anna as a massage therapist and Doula and also works at Elgin Massage therapy where I taught yoga for a while. Andrea is fantastic and should anything happen and Anna not be able to make the birth we are completely at ease with Andrea.

Oh and did I mention Anna and Andrea are pre and post natal massage therapists extraordinaire’s!!!

So we have found our lady, well ladies, and am a little more at ease of the possiblity of having a natural birth. I also didn’t want the pressure to be on Adam to be there 110% for me at all times as we both have never experienced the birthing experience and who knows how we will feel when the time comes!! It’s also important for him to be able to take breaks, get food, etc. without feeling guilty for leaving.

So I am currently seeing Anna and Andrea regulary for my massages and look forward to getting to know them more!


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