Will I Really Need All This?!

4 Jan

Those who know me know that I am a list fanatic, and always have been. Everything has to be organized and be in its proper place at all times, yes I have admitted its probably a bit OCD. Even more I understand that with a little one on the way things in their proper place may never really happen again for a long time, but I am still willing to try.

I have compiled a list of things that have been recommended in various books and sites I have read with respect to what to pack in our hospital bag. I like to be prepared for anything, and know that if we have a quick delivery and are out of the hospital quickly then I will not need everything, but its possible I could be there for a few days (fingers crossed this is not the case and Baby Boy comes gliding out with no hiccups along the way!)and I want to be prepared.

Here is what I have compiled to date:

toothbrush (and one for DH)

nightgown (should I bring more than 1, and will they let me wear my own…yes I know it will be ruined, or will I have to wear the yucky hospital ones?)
flip flops
extra underwear
extra socks
comfy go home clothes

bottles of water

sanitary pads (so should I go and buy the big thick overnight ones that have yet to step foot in my house?!)

nursing bra
nursing pads

baby blankets
baby clothes
baby diapers
baby hat
baby mittens- no scratch

magazines (for me & DH)

phone numbers
quarters or calling card

lip balm
massage oil / lotion

birth plan
hospital pre-registration card
health card
hospital card

snacks for me & DH (and our wonderful Doula!)

bathing suit and flip flops for DH in case he needs to get into shower to help me
extra clothes for DH (in case he doesn’t end up passing out and holds the baby when he comes out all gooey, or we are at hospital for long time)

car seat

Okay, so that’s what I have for now. If you think I have missed anything PLEASE help this yummy mummy to be out! Also, if there is something there is no way in hell you ever would of used or think I may not please share!!


One Response to “Will I Really Need All This?!”

  1. Some kind of Wondermom April 9, 2010 at 1:41 am #

    Definitely bring snacks for your husband, and for you for after labour. I also brought my Sigg water bottle.

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