Dear Placenta

15 Jan

Dear Placenta,

It has been brought to our attention from our last ultrasound that you originally decided to implant yourself anterior and very low. Not too low in that you are already covering my cervix, but enough that you really need to move.

So here I am now praying to the placenta gods, should you be listening, to get freakin moving. Yes, I know I may sound a little nutty speaking to a placenta, and no I will not be bringing my placenta home from the hospital. If we were having a home birth I know we would of had to bury it and would of had it somewhere in our yard (I am sure our condo neighbours & our condo board would of loved this idea) but thats for another time and another birth.

My goal is to continue thinking positively with the hope that the placenta will indeed decide to travel up a little as our little man continues to grow. Statistics show that most of the time as the baby grows the placenta will travel upwards, however there is a small chance that it may not.

So, dear placenta, my dear placenta, I do NOT want to have a C-section. Our goal is for the most natural birth possible. I strongly believe that one medical intervention will just lead to another. I am a strong women, have a supportive husband and a doula extraordinaire. I know natural birth is a strong possibility for us.

Placenta, if you hear me, GET MOVING!!!

Thank You

One Response to “Dear Placenta”

  1. Some kind of Wondermom April 9, 2010 at 2:00 am #

    My son was breech and was born by planned c-section. I found out at 35 weeks that he was breech, and due to some other complications it was too late to turn him. I was devastated. I completely know how you feel. I'm hoping for a natural birth for you too!

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