Bamboozle New & Improved

18 Jan

Baby boy has had a super soft diaper against his skin within our rotation of diaper fluff and its thanks to Bummis for sending along the new and improved Bamboozle diaper

This diaper is very very absorbent!  Our older version of this diaper had a liner that was attached, but the new and improved Bamboozle has a liner that snaps on. I prefer this as its easier for washing and dries faster. I can also decide if I want the liner in or whether I prefer to put another one in the diaper depending on what time of day we are using the diaper, where we are going, etc.

The Bamboozle now has an aplix fastening, which in other cloth diapers I have been hesitant with or haven’t had great lasting ability, but Tot Bots (who manufactures the diaper) has continued to impress me with their fastenings.  The aplix fastening always stays closed in the wash, its much easier for putting the diaper on and ensuring a proper fit and the aplix portion isn’t extremely large meaning you don’t get pieces of fluff stuck in it from the wash.

This diaper will continue to grow with babe as we are still on one of the snap down rise settings.  The only thing I find about the Bamboozle which is a challenge is because of its bulk (and adding a cover) it’s a challenge under some clothes.  Most of babes clothes have been fine, but there has been the odd thing that requires a more form-fitting trim diaper.  However, this occurs with all fitteds.  My recommendation is always to wear an all in one or trim pocket diaper (like a GroVia or Blueberry) for clothes that do not have a lot of give or may be on the smaller side.

We used this diaper with a Bummis Super Whisper Wrap cover, which was also sent from the lovely people at Bummis, and we have always been a fan of these covers.  We have used our Whisper Wrap with Bummis prefolds, bamboozles, Kissaluvs and Kiwi Pies. 

This diaper is super for overnights and long car rides!  After almost 6 months of use it is still extremely soft and nice to the touch.  I have an older version of the Bamboozle that is a little “tougher” even after drying in a dryer.

All in all I like this diaper and have considered purchasing another one for our very large stash!

I would like to thank Bummis for providing me with the Bamboozle Diaper & Bummis Super Whisper Wrap for review.  All opinions in this blog post are 100% mine and no money compensation was received in exchange for this review

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