Things We Like- Favourite Apps

20 Jan

I have a bit of an addiction. An iPhone addiction. You will rarely see me go anywhere without it and if I happen to misplace it for more than a minute panic starts to strike me.  It sits beside my bed while I sleep and I even use it to check the time each time I awake at night. It is there for me to tweet, email and network while I breastfeed at 2a.m., it’s there to make a grocery list and check while I shop, it’s there to take photo’s and video of my lovely little boy.

We have some favourite apps that we enjoy as a family. My husband has some of his own faves, I have mine and then there are ones that we both enjoy (Angry Birds!)  So here are some of my favourite to share with you:

WordPress-  I can blog anywhere, anytime. I can draft up a post or stash an idea for a later post. Whenever I have a spare moment and am out and about I can begin to jot down ideas and categorize past posts.
Angry Birds & Plants vs Zombies – I am definitely no gamer and am hit and miss for playing these games but when I do don’t get in my way!  My lovely husband, who enjoys his video games, smiles at me when I get hung up on a level or get in the playing groove and need to keep playing!

Instagram- This is a cool app that let’s you play with the look of photos you take, including changing colour, adding borders, etc and it lets you connect with Facebook and twitter friends instantly.

Cocktail Deeva- Okay who doesn’t want a fabulous app that lets them choose a yummy drink to make at home?! At the liquor store and not sure what you want then check out this app while on the go and check out what ingredients are needed!

Food Network- This app was downloaded by my husband the cook in the house (gasp! yes, my husband cooks and is AWESOME at it!) I love flipping through and checking out great recipes, adding them to the grocery list and it makes meal planning much easier.

Behr Colour Smart Mobile- Since we have moved into our home I have been looking around to figure out what I want to do with decorating.  We absolutely love this home and will be here for a while so I want to make sure we do it right and ensure we are happy with our choices. This app lets you take pictures of a colour you like, will then find the pain colour, will find complementary colours, warm tones & cool tones and let you add it to the room of your choice. You can even change fabric colours including bed spreads, curtains and more!

Hootsuite- ummm so I am addicted to twitter. The first step to curing your addiction is to acknowledge that you have an addiction though right? The people I have met through twitter and connections I have made in real life has been absolutely amazing. Hootsuite is my go to application for everything twitter.

So there are some of my top apps at this time.  What is on your iPhone, iPad, iPod? Share your favourite apps because I would love to try them out 🙂

2 Responses to “Things We Like- Favourite Apps”

  1. Julia January 17, 2011 at 4:45 pm #

    I really enjoy Rockband Free, Flipboard and Cut the rope. As well most of the ones you have listed. 🙂 Love star walk on the Ipad.

  2. Gary Champagne January 17, 2011 at 5:04 pm #

    Games – Bejeweled 2,Words With Friends

    Lifestyle – Drync Wine, CR Shopper(Consumer Reports)

    Social – Facebook, LinkedIn, Skype, WP,Tumblr, SpringSource, Birdbrain (good Twitter tool)

    Music – Shazam, Relax M.P., TuneIn Radio

    Fitness – 100Pushups, Sleep Cycle

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