A Mother Is….

7 May

This post is inspired by a contest that Loukia is having on her blog Loulou’s Views Entrants are asked to write a post about what being a MOTHER means to them.

This has been an extremely exciting year for my husband and I as we embark on the journey of expanding our family. We were extremely blessed in August of 2009 to find out that we were indeed expecting a little one. The excitment, fears, dreams and hopes began to build from that day forward to where we will now meet our little man any day now.

I am forever grateful to my grandmothers, mother, and mother in law for showing me what it means to be a mother. To me they define motherhood above and beyond my expectations. As I look at the years ahead I know if I can be half the mother these amazing women have been my children will be blessed above and beyond anything else.

A mother is someone who nurtures another life inside her for 9 months even when nausea, vomittimg, aches, pains, endless doctors appointments, cravings and swolllen feet seem to take over her days. A mother is a super human, giving her life selflessly to grow another.

A mother is someone who may sometimes feel like she has lost her identity but seeing her childs innocent face her heart melts and she is brought back to the reality of why she did it all in the first place. Out of everlasting love.

A mother continues to work towards her own goals, thriving and being passionate about her own life, needs and desires. In doing so not only does she benefit but so does her family.

A mother is always looking out for her childs best interest, providing an environment for them to thrive and with the intention of ensuring they are always free from harm.

A mother is always there to wipe the tears away as they run down her little ones cheeks, kiss a scraped knee and hold a hand when needed.

A mother is there to offer encouragement, a gentle nudge and set boundaries when she knows it will enable her child to grow into their true self and invites them to show self-expression.

A mothers job often entails snot wiping, vomit cleaning, poop cleaning and wiping up pee. But she does it out of true love for her child, because really…why else would anybody want to do that?

A mother is not afraid to get dirty jumping into piles of leaves, puddle jumping, tree climbing and nature walking. All done for the love of seeing her sweet childs smile.

A mother is a teacher and a coach, always there to cheer on their child at every sports event, school play, and any other special occasion that their child participates in.

A mother knows their childs sweet smell from any other childs. The smell of their freshly bathed bodies to the smell of her child after a fun filled day outside in the sun.

A mothers heart shines when she feels the first kick, sees the heart beating on the ultrasound screen for the first time, sees her childs first smile, hears the first coo, takes their first steps, goes off to their first nursery school, graduations, first loves, marriage events and when her own child becomes a parent for the first time.

A mother is full of love, everlasting and evergrowing.

One Response to “A Mother Is….”

  1. Loukia May 10, 2010 at 2:03 pm #

    Sigh… so, so true. I loved reading this, so much. Especially "A mother knows their childs sweet smell from any other childs." Gosh, I love their scent, it is so true! It is beyond emotional being a mom, that's for sure… and it's the best feeling in the world! Thank you for your lovely entry.

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