Our Birth Story

25 May

Well Baby Boy, Dominic, finally made his arrival into the world on Friday May 14th at 6:45p.m.

My doctors appointment on Friday May 6th had me at 1.5cm dilated, well Dr said 2cm but that was being generous. I was hoping that when I went back on the 13th that things would of progressed a little but when Dr. Eason checked I was still only 2cm dilated. She suggested we do a stretch and sweep, but when she did it said that she was doubtful that it would work from what she felt and apologized as it would probably just make me spot a little and be a little crampy. But she hoped that there was a small possibility it may get things moving as Baby Boy was growing, growing, growing!

I came home from the Dr’s a little crampy and was quite tired that day and night. This was out of ordinary for me as I had gotten in the routine of going downstairs around 10p.m. everynight while daddy would sleep and mommmy would work on her computer, watch tv and movies! I would usually fall asleep around 2a.m., however that night was fast asleep by midnight.

I woke up crampy around 4a.m. Friday May 14th but thought nothing of it as the Dr had said I would be crampy and I had been crampy over the last few weeks. Adam came down to have a shower around 6:30 and of course asked if there was any pattern (as he had asked for the past 3 weeks whenever I mentioned a small cramp) I said I didn’t know and that I was just crampy. I got up to go to the bathroom at 7a.m. and I soaked everywhere! Guess it was a little shock as it definitly was not urine πŸ˜‰

We called our doula to see whether we should be going to the hospital as we weren’t sure if it was my water that had broke our not! She said it sounded like it, so into triage we went arond 7:30a.m.

The nurse at triage did a swab and it came back saying that my membranes had not broken, but I was 3cm dilated and she thought we would be back again soon. She had wanted us to stay at the hospital but we ensured her we would come back if anything changed and would check in via telephone a few hours later. She had informed us that we were to go home and walk around. By the time we got home the cramping had intensified and all I wanted to do was lie down and then be in the warm water bathtub. By 11 we had called Anna to let her know we were indeed in labour and at 11:30 I had Adam call back and tell her I wanted her NOW!

When our doula arrived she informed us that it was time to go to the hospital so off we went. Triage put my iv in and got us registered into a room. The birthing rooms at Montfort are quite beautiful and we were very lucky to be in a newly renovated hospital with large rooms.

The contractions began to quickly intensify and once checked into the hospital I immediately got into the big birthing tub and much of what happened after that was a bit of a blur. You completely forget what time it is as you get into the zone of riding the wave of each contraction. I spent quite a bit of time in the birthing tub as the contractions intensified with each one. The zone I was in was so focused I was under the impression that I had used the same iv bag throughout the entire labour to come and find out from hubby that they changed it 3 times! After the tub our doula had me on the stability ball for a while over the bed. However, each time I was moved from one position to another the contractions would pick back up making it a challenge to re-focus and then I would be back in my zone. We rotated from the bath, to the ball and then to sitting on the toilet. Our doula had informed us that the toilet was a great prop and wonderfully opened the pelvis. I quickly learned that she was indeed right as the contractions would greatly intensify while resting there. I vividly remember sitting on the ball at one point learning over a sink grabbing onto the faucet for dear life. I then remember having the thought of whether we would have to pay for it should I happen to rip it right out of the sink πŸ˜‰

The nurse we had was a young nurse who seemed quite interested in giving me drugs. I only screamed for an epidural 3 times, and each one was during the height of a contraction. Anna would soothingly tell me to sing my baby out in which my response was to yell for Adam. Poor Adam, the look in his eyes when he would come to my side. The look of helplessness, wishing he could take the pain away but couldn’t. He was absolutely amazing at running for water, ice chips and cold packs as I was quite hot throughout the labour. The few times I would scream for an epidural the nurse would look at me with these eyes of “Don’t let your doula push you, I will go and get the epidural for yoΓΌ”.” However, Anna, Adam & I had discussed our birth plan and my hopes and desires was to have a natural childbirth. At no time did I ask for an epidural during a moment of rest, it was only during the height of the contraction. The nurse used the doppler to locate the babies heart rate quite frequently and would listen for a minute each time. The issue being that when contractions come one on top of another it was hard to find time to check the heartbeat in between them. She would also ask if I was having a contraction and them gently push on my uterus. Little did I know that this pressure would then send me into another contraction!

Dr. Aubin came in to speak to me, and I remember everyone saying that the doctor was there and wanted to speak to me. I kind of looked in her genreally direction while resting in the tub but remember not caring or registering much of what she said. There were people around but it was like I didn’t really see them in my vision. I got out of the bath and back to the bed so Dr. Aubin could check me. She had said that I was 10cm at that point, which was a relief as I had dilated 2 whole cm while just resting on the toilet. I was 10cm dilated, 100% effaced but still at 0 station. She made the comment that I was still going to be a few more hours and that she probably would not be there for the birth of the baby.

The pressure was quite intesne and I kept saying I felt like I could push. Anna had me get up over the bed on my hands and knees, as I rocked through the constant contractions. The Dr. had said that if I wanted to push I could, but not to tire myself out as I would have a while. As soon as she said I could push thats all I heard! Anna informed me with the next contraction I could start pushing while over the bed. The instant relief that I felt from the pushing was amazing! I pushed a few times and then the nurse tried to find the babies heartbeat again. She located it for a second and then lost it again. She hit the cold blue and all I remember was all of a suddent there were many nurses and doctors in the room and somebody putting an oxygen mask on my. My thought did not even turn to the baby, something inside me must of known he was just fine, but I did think OOOOHHH YES oxygen, maybe a little break! A more experienced nurse found the heartbeat immediately and everyone left the room. Anna had me push a few more times while on my back and all of a sudden she said the baby is right there! The nurse quickly called the doctor and to my luck Dr. Eason (who I had wished for all along!!!) came in. Adam said she watched me push for a moment and quickly said get me the tray as the baby was right there. I felt some burning as the head began to crown, but was definitely not as intense as I had thought it may be. I pushed the head out, slowed down to get teh shoulders out and a few more pushes he was here!! Adam who had been sitting in the corner by my head, looking in the other direction, finally looked as they placed Dominic on my chest and the tears that ran down his face were absolutely priceless. The proud moment of a new father!

Dominic was born at 6:45p.m.& mommy pushed for a total of 45 minutes, which seemed to go by a lot quicker than that!

Adam wasn’t keen on cutting the cord so we had asked Anna to do the honours, as she had helped us through something we would not of been able to do naturally on our own. To be honest we would of had an epidural whtin the first hour of being there.

Adam then took the baby to get weighed and have his APGAR score (which was 9 at 5 minutes and 10 minutes!) while I delivered the placenta. This was more painful than I had thought originally, but absolutely nothing compared to the contractions in labour!

Once Dominic was weighed and measured (9.5lbs 55cm long) he was brought back to my chest where he instantly began rooting for the breast and with little direction latched on right away. This successful latching brought on cramping of the uterus, but with the new love of your life on you you don’t notie that much! While I was starting to feed Dom, daddy was out making all the phone calls to let everyone know that our bundle of joy had finally arrived.

Adam and I snuggled as our new family shared the love, hugs, kisses & happiness.

I cannot believe that Dominic is fianlly here! We stare at him and cuddle him all day in amazement of every movement he makes. I highly recommend the use of a doula, as it made my experience everything and more that I had wished and hoped for!

2 Responses to “Our Birth Story”

  1. refashionista May 28, 2010 at 1:51 am #

    Congrats! πŸ™‚ I remember #2 (Solly) looking "fully inflated" like that – was surprised to see #3 look so small and skinny, actually. ;)Wonderful story! I'm so happy for you all. πŸ™‚


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    14th when baby boy finally made his arrival. […]

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