Delicious Daddy

6 Jun

I meant to post this about a month ago, before Baby Dominic made his arrival. However, life seemed to happen as it normally does and I did not have a chance to upload this post.

Dearest Husband,

As you know our lives are about to change very shortly. Change is fast approaching as the due date draws closer and I wanted to take this time to express to you what a wonderful father I know you will be as you enter the Delicious Daddy Club  Your caring, loving and nurturing personality will continue to shine through as a father to our little boy and I can’t wait to see you hold him for the first time. Touching his soft skin, smelling his sweet smells and sharing in his precious smiles are pictures I cannot erase from my mind.

You have been extremely supportive the last 37 weeks through this pregnancy, as rough as it has been at times for me physically, and I know you will be there in the years to come. You have been my rock at all times. Whether it has been making sure I am eating regularly, taking my vitamins and medications, buying garbage cans to decorate each floor of our house during my vomiting episodes, telling me I look beautiful as the stretch marks continue to grow, or cleaning things up around the house…these all just a few of the wonderful things you do for me….you have been there through it all. For this I thank you from the bottom of my heart and know you are going to make the world’s best dad to our children.

You made me proud as the only father in our prenatal class who had actually read a pregnancy related book, and continued to amaze me as you would answer questions or start a conversation with me about pregnancy/baby related things I had no idea you knew about. Thank you for explaining the different kinds of breast milk to me. Your eagerness to learn, share knowledge and become informed has added to the fantastic dad qualities you already possess.
Thank you for wiping my tears away during emotional times of the pregnancy, squeezing my hand when I needed to know I was not doing this alone, and for sharing in the smiles and joys of feeling the baby move. I know you will be there to wipe away our children’s tears, just like you did mine, when they scrape their knee running after the soccer ball, get bruised from jumping off the too high play structure or their feelings are hurt. This is another father quality that radiates from you each and every day.
I look forward to each day we have together and all the years ahead of us as we start a new chapter in our life and build a loving family. Your love for our child already shines through brightly and I cannot wait to see your face when he finally makes his arrival into our lives.

So from my heart to yours I love you forever and always. I know you will be the best dad you can be, above and beyond my wildest expectations. Thank you for being you….a delicious daddy!

Love always,
Your Wife

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