Breastfeeding aka Holy **** Part 1

12 Jun

I will admit that to some I may come across a little crunchy granola. I like to cloth diaper, have enough slings and wraps to babywear forever and of course I was only going to have a breastfed baby. Besides the nutritional side of breastfeeding that has been researched to show “breast is best” I liked the bonding that I thought would come from breastfeeding and what I also thought would be instant convenience. No bottle preparation, warming, etc. If we went somewhere and babe was hungry I could breastfeed. When I wanted to go out I would pump and my husband could feed him that. I had an image that it would really be that simple.

When baby boy was born he latched on immediatly. Over the next 24 hours he woke to feed and seemed to still latch well but would become very tired and begin to fall asleep at the breast. I knew this was to be expected somewhat as most newborns have an alert period a few hours after birth and then become very sleepy. However I noticed that he wouldn’t be on the breast for long before he would start to fall asleep. I felt that he should of been feeding for longer. I asked my husband to go and see if their was a lactation consultant or somebody available to help with breastfeeding. It was 6:30 in the morning and the nurse came into the room. She looked at him and said he was latched well and I could stroke his cheek to get him to wake up and eat more. Then she left the room. An hour later, the nurses had a shift change and an older nurse came into the room. She informed that it may be easier to hold him in the football hold and then she proceeded to take baby and latch him onto my breast. This helped in a successful feed but did not help in teaching me to do it on my own. The nurse came in a few more times when I was starting to feed, would see baby was a bit fussy, and once again would take baby and basically just latch him on for me with a few “words of wisdom” and would leave again. This second nurse was more helpful than the first and did seem to have more experience but I still didn’t feel like the level of guidance and teaching was there.

We were able to leave the hospital after a one night stay, escaping the two night that most people are required to do. Baby was extremely healthy and the pediatrician gave the go ahead to be discharged. I had no apprehension about bringing baby home and the care he would need. I was hopeful with the breastdeeding and thought we were doing okay in that department. I also knew that we were not getting the breastfeeding support at the hospital that we could possibly need. The nurses are fantastic, but really a 24 year old nurse who has never breasfteed before and maybe only been in practice for the past few years was not going to be much assistance in the breasfeeding department.

We were discharged Saturday night and by Sunday evening my milk had cone in and I was extremely engorged. My nipples began to flatten because of the engorgement and baby started to have a hard time latching onto the left breast. I then developed a blood blister. Ouchie ouchie ouchie!

Well…..things got worse before they got better……

The Dr was concerned with his weight gain and if he didn’t get a grasp on things we were going to end up being a bottle family.

I was determined to continue trying… we did.

More to come on our breastdeeding journey.

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