Putting the OM in Mom

12 Jun

Well it’s official, I joined the ranks of mommydom friday may 14th. Our little Dominic greeted us at 6:45 pm and forever has changed my life. My husband was a little worried during the pregnancy as I am an extreme type A most times, with a little zen when the yoga teacher in me shines 🙂 I think he was worried that I would run full force after the baby, trying to be supermom, super entrepreuner, super wife and somewhere in there still find time to do all the things I enjoy. Oh did I mention pre pregnancy I was a little obsessive compulsive with organization and order. Hey, in my defense you have to when you have a busy schedule!

I knew, from experience as a caregiver that things sometimes do not go as planned and alot of times with infants you must think quick about your plans and be open to them constantly changing. Or even more, not making alot of plans at all until that specific day. You just never know what will come up, when they will want to feed, or when their diaper may choose to explode.

Well surprise surprise for my lovely husband I completely relaxed when we got home from the hospital with baby and did not think twice about where I would leave things, how messy the kitchen was, or how many dirty cloth diapers were beginning to accumulate in various places around the house. Nor did it bother me that our living room was cluttered with two baby chairs, laundry (and more laundy!), baby clothes, gifts, etc. Surprise to me my lovely husband, who I should mention is soooo great at picking up when gently reminded what needs picked up, started to get a wee bit bothered with the stuff that had accumulated. Oh and did I mention we sold our house the same weekend we brought our new family member home and the buyers were coming to look at the house, take measurements, etc. Dearest husband took to cleaning, straightening up, tidying and making sure everything was in it’s proper place.

I am happy to say that I practiced a little zen, om’d out if you will, while I bonded with my new love. I was too busy putting the om into mom to be bothered with what was going on around me.

To my baby boy, thank you for allowing me the time to cherish every moment. You truly are special and your mommy and daddy love you more than you will ever know. xoxo

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