More Baby Stuff!

19 Jun

We had everything we thought we could possibly ever need and more for our lovely new family addition.  But, surprise, surprise there were a few things that really helped us those first few weeks.  This post is an addition to my baby equipment post that I posted during pregnancy of equipment that I had used as a nanny and we got immediately for baby boy.  Here are the things I didn’t know would be a must have for us during the first few weeks and the reason why we couldn’t live without them!

Boon Bottle Dryer Rack– If you have read about our breastfeeding dilemma you already know that we had to use a lot of bottles for pumping, storing milk and feeding.  Adam would prepare 4 -1 ounce bottles of concentrate and another 4-1 ounce bottles of sterilized water for the night.  In total there is 8 bottles just to get through the night so I didn’t have to come to the kitchen to prepare the bottles, just had to mix and warm.  This bottle drying rack is absolutely wonderful! It holds all of our bottles, my breast shields & breast pump things we wash after each use & more! Plus it’s easily portable and all the access water is caught in the white basin, then you just dump it out once everything is dry! We tried using the dishwasher & regular drying rack that we use with the sink. Both didn’t work as well as this!

Safety First Co-Sleeper  We had originally purchased this cradle with the intention of Dom being in our room but sleeping in his own space.  Well, he is a cuddle bug and likes to be with his mommy all night long. I love the concept of co-sleeping but didn’t want him to be in the same space as me without protection to ensure he was safe. This co-sleeper was a perfect fit for us!  We purchased it within the first week of him being home and I will be extremely disappointed when he grows out of it. Another few inches of growth and our little man will no longer fit in it 😦

JJ Cole Muslin Blanket Set– These blankets are perfect for summer time swaddling!!  Our little guy is Houdini when it comes to getting out of swaddles, no matter how tight. However, once we purchased this blanket, which is extremely breathable and large, we were able to wrangle him in! We tried the Kiddapotamus swaddler and other blankets but he either got out of them or was extremely fussy. I am happy to say he slept for 4.5 hours the first night we swaddled him in this blanket!! Here’s to many more nights of sleep 🙂

Avent Bottle Warmer This bottle warmer was wonderful for those late night feeds where we had to supplement with formula.  The bottle could warm up while I was doing his diaper change or breastfeeding! Way more efficient than warming it up in the sink, boiling water, etc. We don’t own a microwave, for personal choice reasons, and I wouldn’t recommend warming up a bottle that way anyways with the inconsistency of the heating throughout the bottle. Spend the money and buy a bottle warmer if you will be formula feeding!

Conair White Noise Machine – We searched high and low for this product, visited every Walmart, Zellers and other stores within the Ottawa area. However, this mommy and daddy did not look in the right places 😉 I had thought it would be in the electronic or infant section at these stores…but its not!! We finally found it in the pharmacy section of a local department store.  I have now become accustomed to listening to the white noise, waterfalls, crickets, etc. at night while we sleep peacefully!

What items could you not live without with your baby?  How did they keep you sane?!

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