a day in the life….

7 Aug

I have noticed lately that I spend a lot of time “”playing” around online when I am meaning to actually get work done. I decided to live blog today, inspired by Andrea of A Peek Inside the Fishbowl & Erin Blaskie . There are also days when I wonder what exactly did I accomplish today? Most days are lost in the daze of nursing and changing diapers and putting babe to sleep. Don’t get me wrong those are glorious moments we get to spend together and I cherish every moment but thought I would have more time to accomplish other things.

7:15 am.Dom starts to stir and then fusses. I think its feeding time, but he just ate 2 hours ago……I just unswaddled him and put him in bed beside me to feed.  He usually goes back to sleep. I am still tired!  I open my eyes enough to pick up the baby, unswaddle him and check my email on the ipod touch 😉

7:30am. Babe thinks its funny that I think he may go back to sleep.  His sweet smile is telling me no more sleeping for a while. Must get up and shower and change his diaper but have decided to stay in bed a little longer and stare at this cute baby of mine! His smile is delicious 🙂

7:45am  hmmm. somehow his diaper just leaked. I must have really been asleep when I changed it a few hours ago Now the bed is wet. Oh well it will dry! No way am I washing the bedding again today.

8am finally made it to the shower. Dom still playing and kicking on the bed.  In wet diaper and pyjamas….. Oh come on, like you’ve never left your kid in a wet diaper and clothes for a few minutes!  Had to check my email and twitter account again, lol.

8:08am time to throw a load of laundry in and get baby dressed.

8:10am hey kid….when did you do that in your diaper! Close the diaper, bring babe with me to get wet cloth wipes out of warmer in my bathroom. Take him back to his room and change the yellow seedy mess. I then dress him in his cute jeans and shirt that says “what happens at Grandma’s stays at Grandma’s” Grandma is coming to visit in a few hours for the day!

8:15am I make my way upstairs to the kitchen, carrying a baby, computer, water bottle, video camera, ipod touch and socks.  I check my email AGAIN, put babe on his playmat for tummy time (he is not a fan!) and make a coffee. I reach for the caffeinated because it’s that kind of morning.  

8:20am I decide to pump some milk as mornings I can get a little bit of extra to store. I am certainly no milk making machine. Can feed my child and get a little extra for later to store.   I am multi tasking as I pump, play and sing with baby, tweet, drink coffee and eat a crumpet with jam!

8:40am turning that pump off!! boobies have had enough for right now! babe is eating some more and going to sleep on the new nursing pillow I am reviewing.  I start to do some work and get distracted by twitter. damn you twitter!

9:45am babe is sleeping now on the nursing pillow and I am trying to frantically get a hold of my lovely husband. Blogher 2011 has been announced….we are going to San Diego! The internal debate is on…do I go and leave babe and hubby? No way I can think of leaving babe, but would totally trust him to stay with his daddy 🙂 Do we all go as a family? Would be awesome, but is that what we want to do with our family vacay money? Have also talked NYC and/or Amsterdam, etc. agh…decisions!

10a.m babe is starting to stir, sucking/nursing non-actively away again and my mom just arrived.

10:15am time for Grandma snuggles for babe and I am going to attempt to actually pack a few boxes and do some laundry now that the washing machine is finally fixed. No more laundromats! woot!

10:45am check my email and twitter again. Get caught up in a few conversations on there….come on how can you not!? Finish uploading all the video from the camera we have taken of babe over the past few weeks. There is so much!

11:00am we show Grandma some of the video that we have taken over the past few weeks and I load them to you tube and then up to the blog for posting.

11:30am reply to a few emails regarding our fall yoga programs and product reviews. Unfortunately some of the reviews were not of our “style” or products we would use, or that I thought clients/readers would find useful. Always feel like I need to give the PR companies a lengthy explanation. Should not feel bad about this! lol

12:00pm Pack up our diaper bag to head out with my mom and babe. A few extra cloth diapers, hooter hider, sling, wrap (you never know what I may feel like wearing at the time! lol), wallet (just in case I want to shop!) and a change of clothes for babe…..just in case.

12:30pm park in the Glebe and put babe in his stroller.  Grandma gets to push while I put up posters for our fall yoga programs being held in the Glebe & Old Ottawa South.

2:30pm Stop in at Felena’s for a bite of food. Babe is a little hungry so I feed him while we sit on the patio.

3:30pm Walk back to our car with a quick stop in at GNAG to visit the staff and show off the babe. Even get to see a little rehearsal of the dance campers.

4:00pm Head over to the St. Laurent Shopping Centre for a little retail therapy! All the kids summer clothes are $2.99 at Children’s Place so Grandma stocks up on a bag full of summer clothes for babe next summer! We scored on lots of 12 month & 18 month clothes!

4:45p.m. Babe starts to get fussy. He is getting tired and had enough of this outing. I also just realized that I have not changed his diaper since we left the house and he was only wearing a kissaluv contour with a booroi cover. Mommy fail as he has been feeling that serious wetness for a while!

5p.m.We pull into our parking spot and daddy comes out to help unload the car. I take babe in to change and feed immediately. I also give him some bare bum time because I feel bad for leaving him wet for so long!

5:10p.m. Check my email while nursing babe, update this blog post and prep a few other ones.  Update my website with event dates for Fall and return a few more emails about yoga programs. Check out swimming lessons to possibly register babe in for September.

5:30p.m. Time to eat some dinner. Hubby has made some wonderful homemade club sandwiches. I look around as I eat seeing nothing but boxes and mess everywhere! I hate the disaster moving can sometimes bring but it will so be worth it to move in and fix up the new house!

5:45p.m. I start to get a little stressed thinking about how hard it will be for me to move into the house and not jump at fixing, renovating and re-doing things. That is just my personality! This house is going to be a project for a few years.  Hubby & I know what we want done and because we want it done right, well right to our taste and standards, it will take time, effort, sweat and MONEY!  We know we will chip at it here and there until we fully complete it.

6p.m. Take babe downstairs to prep his bath so Grandma can bath him. He kicks and splashes in there for about 20 minutes while I pack up all the clothes I won’t be wearing in the next few weeks as they are all pre pregnancy clothes and pre nursing clothes! I look at some I forgot about and am hopefully they will come back into my selection of everyday clothes in the next few months!

6:20p.m Babe gets his nightly massage, night-time diaper on and pyjamas. I nurse him and then Grandma gets ready to leave. She has a slight upset about the way we swaddle him. WE LOVE THE MIRACLE BLANKET, THANK YOU LARA! Mom things it’s a straight jacket style and oohs about how we put our “poor child” in this blanket when really he should be able to move around. Trust me mom, it saves all of our sanity and he will actually sleep on his own now! HUGE accomplishment.

7p.m. I put babe down to bed and I lay in bed beside his cradle and tweet away! I am thinking about falling asleep myself but feel like I should actually do the work I was hoping to get done today. I contemplate what to do. Decide to have a nap until hubby comes down at 8 to see what I am doing. I come back upstairs for another 30 minutes and then decide to go to bed!

Good Night 🙂

Boy life has changed since baby boy arrived, but I am loving every moment of it!!!

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