Dominic & His Furry Friends…

10 Aug

Dominic continues to be amazed every day with his two friends who live with us 😉 He likes how furry they are, how they feel to his touch and how they move around the house.  It won’t be too long before these furry friends of his run away from the pokes and pulling of hair!  Some family members are worried that the cats may cause him harm but we do make sure that the cats are never in the same room as him while he is sleeping.  Max, the fluffy cat, is very keen and gentle with him to date. Timone, the huge cat, is scared of alot of movement and noise so usually is far away in a hiding spot.  Thanks to Auntie Kate for this outfit that says “Don’t Bug Me”, unfortunately its probably one of the last times he wears it since he is growing and I know she would enjoy seeing him wear it as she is across the country missing her nephew!

Do you have any furry friends in your household? What adjustments, if any, did you make with your family pets and children in the same home? Have you decided not to get a pet at this time because of children? If you have a pet did you have it before children or get it after?

3 Responses to “Dominic & His Furry Friends…”

  1. Amy B August 15, 2010 at 2:48 pm #

    We had a dog before Maggie was born and we knew it was going to be a shock for him to not be the centre of attention, and it’s not like you can really explain what’s coming.

    We had a couple of incidents with him when she was younger, but now he seems to know that she’s very important to us and he needs to be gentle with her even when she’s pulling his fur.

    The problem we have is that she’s going to have friends. We had a toddler over yesterday and I really wasn’t happy with the way he acted.

    • namastemommy August 16, 2010 at 10:32 am #

      Was the toddler used to being around animals? I think sometimes kids who aren’t used to animals and the dogs sense that. Or was the dog being protective? Hope it gets better 🙂

  2. Rae August 15, 2010 at 6:26 pm #

    We’ve had cats forever – they like the babies when they sleep, and tend to sleep beside their feet, but run away when toddlers approach. Now that the big girls are older, the cats sleep with them again.

    We didn’t get a dog until the girls were 3 and 5, but we got an older dog from the humane society who was flagged as good with kids, as well as being a herding dog. When Gryph was born she came to check him out, but for the most part gave (and continues to give) him a wide berth.

    I think as long as you expect that your child may endure a few scratches/growls as a result of their rough actions, and teach them gentle, then you’ll all be fine.

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