14 Aug

So you might have seen the tweets flying with advice from others on how I could get baby boy out of the habit of his “suck to sleep” association, meaning that he would only sleep when he could nurse to sleep and would then wake up when moved away from the breast.  We had so many difficulties with breastfeeding the first few weeks that we basically co-slept attached to each other.   I love co-sleeping with my little boy but knew eventually I wanted my own space back.  I was afraid of creating a habit that was going to be too hard to break later on in his life. I wanted him to eventually learn to fall asleep on his own, whether in my bed or not.  We tried the No Cry Sleep Solution for a week and did not even see an inch of progress. I am sure if we would have stuck with it longer we could have possibly seen a little bit of progress but I was jumping the gun and wanted to see some progress. The few nights we tried the no cry we tried for over 2 hours and by then he was so exhausted.  One of the issues we were having is his arms and legs fly everywhere when he sleeps and he is a little houdini who can get out of anything we swaddled him in. We tried receiving blankets, the large muslin blankets (which are awesome for summer as blankets!!) and another type of swaddle blanket.  Thankfully Lara from Gliding Through Motherhood  & Kids in the Capital, came to the rescue with the miracle blanket.  We tried the blanket out and he actually stayed swaddled the whole night! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU LARA!  The past 2-3 weeks babe has been sleeping soundly, for the most part, in 2.5-3hour stretches and once he is nursed can be put down and he will stay asleep!!  Only two nights has he somehow figured out how to get out of the miracle blanket and I have yet to see how he does it.

So I may have complained/whined/thought he would never sleep a month ago and now there are nights that I feel like whining because he is now sleeping in his own co-sleeper or cradle and does not need to be held in my arms to sleep.  There are nights when I finish nursing him and just hold him while he sleeps because I am seeing how fast the days go by, how fast he grows and how soon enough he may not want me to snuggle him every moment of every day.

When I walked into the room the other night he was still fast asleep on his own and here is what my big boy looked like…..

So calm, so serene, so peaceful….

Okay mama’s so I want to know your journey along the way with your kids and sleep! Are they good sleepers? Still don’t sleep th night? Do you co-sleep? Do you cry it out? No cry sleep solution? Do you follow a strict bedtime routine? Remember this is a safe-free zone! No answer is right or wrong! I just love all the advice and hearing the journeys mama’s before me have taken 😉

7 Responses to “sleeping….”

  1. Arwen August 14, 2010 at 8:32 pm #

    We are struggling with naomi right now – she woke to nurse 19 time two nights ago. We co-sleep, and every time she stirs, she wants to nurse back to sleep – for a couple seconds, or a minute, or whatever – but I am a wreck! She won’t take a pacifier (9 months old now). I just can’t do the cry-it-out, so I think I am stuck. Anyone with some (gentle) suggestions? Anyone have a sure-fire way of getting an older baby to take a pacifier at night? Also, Amanda, have you heard of the woombie? If Dominic gets out of the Miracle Blanket, you should try it – it’s great!

    • namastemommy August 16, 2010 at 10:27 am #

      Arwen we have a woombie being shipped to us to try!

      OMG 19x! You poor thing! At least I have the ability to stay in bed longer in the morning if we have had a long night. You have G to get up with too so I think would make it more exhausting.

      Have you read the no cry sleep solution book? I like it but it would take time. I wanted a quick fix 😉 his sleep is back to being scattered and nursing back to sleep every hour but I suspect he is teething so I’m ok with it just for now.
      Good luck and hope you get sleep soon!

    • namastemommy August 16, 2010 at 10:29 am #

      Oh and if you figure out the pacifier thing please let me know! We’ve bought so many and he has took one only 3x successfully for whole 5 minutes!

  2. eisangel3 August 15, 2010 at 6:15 pm #

    I LOVE the miracle blanket. LOVE it. Too bad it wasn’t around when DS1 was born 😉 We have always had very structured and no BS bedtime routines. Snack & water, bath, brush teeth, pjs, stories, pee, bed. No getting up to have water, pee etc. because we do it all before bed. I was against cry-it-out until DS1 was almost a year old and his sleep patterns got worse and worse. Took 1 night and he started sleeping well from then (getting up 1-2 times but to us that was normal). He was sleeping through with no waking by 18 mos. DS2 we were much more structured about his naps, bedtimes etc. and he was sleeping through the night before a year. Both boys had soothers and lovey’s to go to sleep (DS2 still does). They are 2 ad 4 and bedtime is a breeze!!

    • namastemommy August 16, 2010 at 10:36 am #

      We don’t really have structured naps yet as he needs to feed to sleep it’s really dependent on where I am and what I am doing. I should probably work on that though as better day sleeps would help night sleeps.

      It sounds like your household gets some awesome sleep right now and schedules have made a difference. Will need to try more structured schedule, thanks for sharing!

  3. Sentient Sage August 16, 2010 at 12:59 am #

    ARWEN, maybe Naomi is sensing your worry and is trying to reach out to you, it’s a funny thing but I EC (elimination communication) my dd 11 months now and she’ll stir and fuss sometimes if I have to pee or am having a hard time sleeping.

    It’s likely just a phase/teething thing/milestone related, like when dd was learning to do big things-crawling-standing etc…she’d sleep either more or less, feed more or less and especially so at night, change daily routines and rituals.

    If you wait it out, I know it’s tough, but respecting her changing glory is something we attached parents do to create that beautiful being, by being present to her needs and supporting what she’s doing, listening for maybe a reason why she’s doing things, we can relate and relax and truly enjoy it even if it keeps us awake (but if you follow this guidance you’ll likely be able to sleep more soundly, and her too).

    I would gently recommend not using a pacifier, or a miracle blanket (?) if it’s not what she needs is human contact, knowing that she is in a safe and loving environment with mama will be your best bet. If you aren’t too chilly, sleeping nude helps too when we’re going through these times. Or, like with my dd for her first 4-5 months (and still now at times) she literally slept nestled in my arm and it helps for a quick snack to sleep because she’s literally right there, easy to find, and she won’t stir for you if she’s already with you. If you do this for a while she’ll hopefully learn that you are always there and then on her own time gradually sleep next to you peacefully and soundly like my dd has been lately.

    If none of this appeases, just know that we as mothers are made to wake at night, it won’t last forever, and if you listen to your intuition (maybe just spend some time the two of you and watching her, looking at her cues for needs and how she just IS, even just spend 24 hours naked to reconnect) you’ll more than likely figure it out on your own what’s going on, she’s your daughter, your beautiful bond is what’s holding you together, not what everyone else thinks.


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