Dad & Baby Think This is Funny….Mommy Not So Much ;)

17 Aug

So it’s finally happened….daddy did something and mommy had a minor freak out! Looking back the best part of the whole thing was baby boy that it was hilarious!

We have had a few people express concern over what if you accidentally drop him? I have reassured many that most likely you don’t drop a baby but sometimes little topples happen accidentally.  Well daddy experienced topple #1!  Babe has been getting more independent and like most 12 week babies can hold his head up no problem so daddy likes to sit him on his lap and play with him. 

Here is daddy playing with babe and watch what happens when daddy takes one hand off for a little while to interact more with him….

I know, I know, I freaked out…..I AM A MOM! I turned the camera off quickly and had a few choice words with my husband I am sure about holding on to him properly.  My husband reassured me that he was holding on to him and all I can say is thankfully his legs were there to catch him.  Baby boy is getting stronger by the day and likes to fling himself around when he gets excited or happens to lose control!

However, do you think my baby boy got scared, panicked or upset? Watch and see how he reacts…

So obviously my husband and son are already starting to team up on me as they thought the situation was quite funny.  The way baby boy looked at his father after the incident, with a smile and his eye, was like “lol, we got her dad!” Looking back at these videos now you can’t help but smile when baby boy laughs over the “ride”.  Baby boy did not miss a beat, let out a fuss, tear or look of fright. He just smiled big and kept having fun with his dad! He was probably thinking “Can we do that again when mom is not looking?”

I do want to mention that my husband is the best father in the world and I trust him whole heartedly…..I am posting this for more of the after effect of babes reaction!

2 Responses to “Dad & Baby Think This is Funny….Mommy Not So Much ;)”

  1. Arwen August 17, 2010 at 11:28 am #

    Ohmygod – he’s so cute! SO CUTE!

  2. poppacoach August 20, 2010 at 1:42 am #

    That’s my grandson: the cutest and strong too. A smile to lighten up anybody’s day. What a beautiful little guy!!!!

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