It’s a Birthday Party!

20 Aug

My lovely husband brought it to my attention this morning while we were snuggling in bed with baby boy that Sunday marks baby boys 100 day birthday!  It is hard to believe that it has already been a little over 3 months since our little bundle of joy and happiness came into our lives.

He really does make our lives richer for being here and has brought so much joy to our family!

So, we have decided (I am sure in true first child syndrome, lol!) to have a family birthday party for him.  We are going to take Sunday to celebrate baby boys 100 day birthday 😉

Happy Birthday Dominic!

What have you done for your babies 1st birthday? Yes, I am already thinking of that 😉 Would love to hear your ideas on what worked, what you did, who attended, etc!

One Response to “It’s a Birthday Party!”

  1. Somekindofmom August 22, 2010 at 7:32 pm #

    100 day birthday party is a super cute idea! For Joel’s first birthday, I had his party in a bar. No seriously. It was also Mitch’s 30th birthday (just two days apart) so I booked the party room at the Clocktower and threw Mitch a surprise party under the guise of it being Joel’s 1st birthday. We had food, cake smashing, and presents at the restaurant with about 40 family members and friends.

    For my daughter’s 1st birthday, I decided to split it into two events. One with family and a few close friends at our house. Another during the week with more friends and their kids outside in the backyard. I liked splitting it up this way because my house couldn’t really accommodate everyone I wanted at the same time.

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