Glow Baby Journal

13 Sep

I remember getting home from the hospital in a tired exhausted state. I had slept maybe two hours in the 24 hours being there, along with being up the whole day in labour before baby boy arrived. It was a blurry time as we were excited and preparing for the arrival of our bundle of joy and in the middle of trying to sell our house. Yes, you read correct, I was crazy enough to have house showings during my last trimester and we wanted to move. We did sell our house the day after we came home from the hospital!

With all that was going on around me, plus not sleeping and having a newborn to look after the Glow Baby First Journal was exactly what I needed. As a first time parent I had no idea how challenging breastfeeding would be let alone be able to remember which breast I had fed at last, how many wet diapers we had in a day or if he had slept and for how long. Babys first journal allows you to record all of this in one place and the size of it makes it very portable to take with you in a diaper bag. With 3 months of log pages for both breast and bottle feeding, diaper changes and sleeps I feel there are more than enough log pages to fully understand your babies wants and needs by the time you out grow the log book. At the bottom of each page there is a check off for daily vitamin and bath. I was thankful for the daily vitamin reminder as it was easy to forget babies vitamin d drop each day and also served as reminder for me to take my vitamins.

The size was perfect as I could throw it in any size diaper bag I happened to be using for the day and have it with  me while on the go!  I would love if a zippered pocket for important documents was added, such as doctor appointment reminder cards, immunization cards, etc.  The log page for babies weight was extremely helpful for us as he was weighed at least 3 times per week for the first few weeks as we had some feeding issues which thankfully have cleared up! 

There is also a place for important contact numbers in the back where I placed doctors numbers, drop in clinics organized by Public Health and others.  I didn’t have to search around on the internet each time we required a phone number.

I would also love to see some sort of little pocket added for a pen.  There were times at 3a.m. when I was writing down feeding schedule that I wished I hadn’t lost the pen somewhere in my travels!

The presentation of the journal when it was mailed was beautiful, wrapped in tissue paper, and could be used like that for a gift to an expectant mother.

All in all I thoroughly enjoyed this journal and it got plenty of use through the early weeks of baby boys arrival.  I would recommend it to any expectant mothers as a handy tool.  With its price point of $15.99 it is extremely affordable and makes it a great gift option for others. 

Visit the Glow Baby website to view other great tools they offer, including a brand new family calendar.

Note: It was just suggested to me that you could place a nice piece of ribbon around the pen and tie it to the coils. I thought what a great idea! Obviously something I didn’t think of with my lack of sleep and all night nursing sessions 😉

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I would like to thank Glow Baby for providing me with the journal for review.  All opinions in this blog post are 100% mine and no money compensation was received in exchange for this review

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