Have Baby, Will Wear :)

24 Sep

I knew before my sweet little man was born that we would be a babywearing family.  I loved the idea of having him close to me, snuggled into my chest  but also loved the idea of having the ability to be hands free.  Having been a nanny for several years before we had our own child I had an idea of what carriers I was interested in and liked and what we would purchase before he was born.  We immediately purchased a Sleepy Wrap (well actually 2 of them….I wanted purple and my lovely husband got grey) and a Mei Tei carrier from Milkface.  I won a fabulous Sakura Bloom from a giveaway that Andrea at Peek Inside the Fishbowl ran and I purchased another ring sling, this time a Pink Lemonade, at a sale the wonderful Susie from The Extraordinary Baby Shoppe had.  Yes, this is babywearing overload for some, but I was in babywearing heaven 🙂  If you are looking to purchase just 1 wrap or sling for your newborn I highly recommend the Sleepy Wrap.  We lived in the sleepy wrap from day 1 and at times it was literally the only place any of us actually got some sleep.  It is also extremely affordable, around $50 for this type of carrier.

Dominic enjoying his sleepy wrap Dominic enjoying his sleepy wrap
Most days I wear my son instead of lugging around the stroller everywhere we need to go. It is so handy when I want to go grocery shopping or to run in to a store to pick something up.  I throw the carrier on when I get to the store or when I am wearing the Sleep Wrap or a ring sling like the Pink Lemonade or Sakura bloom I  leave the carrier on while I am driving as it does not impede what I am doing or interfer with the seat belt.  I quickly put him in the carrier, if he is asleep he usually stays asleep throughout the transfer, and away I go. I then have hands free to pick up my groceries, carry the bags to the car, etc.
Dom in a Sakura Bloom Dom in a Sakura Bloom
I already have my eyes on another carrier or two….these ones will be added to the stash as babe is now getting bigger and adding a soft structured carrier or two to our stash will enable us to continue wearing him in comfort.  Oh, and did I mention that most days it doesn’t matter what shirt I through on, or if I have spit up all over me? Since I wear my baby you usually don’t see the front of my shirt. My carriers are fashion accessories 🙂 
I get many questions when I am wearing babe out and about.  Most common question is when I am wearing a woven wrap or a stretchy style wrap people want to know if it’s complicated to put on.  It really is not hard to put one.  Read the instructors the first few times and after that you will be able to whip it on in no time!  I also receive very curious looks when I pull out a large piece of fabric and quickly tie it up around my body. 
If you are expecting a baby, or have a gift to buy for somebody who is expecting I would consider purchasing a carrier.  Try them out at a reputable store to make sure it meets your needs and is a good fit.
Already own a baby carrier? Would love to hear what you use and why you like it!  Share your thoughts and experience by leaving a comment below.

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