Mommy’s First Cold

27 Sep

So it has finally happened, my first cold as a mom and boy does my head hurt, nose is stuffed and I can’t stop sneezing! I really just want to lay down and sleep all day long but I have a sweet baby boy who keeps looking at me with big smiles and a runny nose too 😉  You see as a nanny I always had the opportunity to just call in sick when I felt this horrid, or as a fitness instructor I would find somebody to lead my classes for me or we would cancel them for that day.  But now I have a job that doesn’t allow me to call in sick or have a replacement come in and take over.  You know what? I am okay with that because I love my new job as mom 🙂

However I know that my job is easier now than being sick with a toddler who needs constant supervision and interaction.  My little man is still little enough that he is more than interested in sitting and nursing for longer, laying down and nursing, sleeping and snuggling, jumping in his jolly jumper, playing in his exersaucer, sucking and chewing on Sophie the Giraffe and then repeating said sequence again. 

I have been using plenty of hydrasense, using my neti pot and drinking lots of lemon herbal tea.  I am really hoping that this cold is short-lived though as the laundry is piling and we are to head to Montreal this weekend.  I feel worse for my little man who cannot blow his own nose.  However, his daddy has been very kind as he squirts it with baby hydrasense then uses a contraption to suck the mucus out!

So how do you survive when you are sick? Are you able to stay in bed all day with cuddles from the kids?  Are your kids in daycare and you take a sick day from work? Any guilty bribes you may pass on to older children to help keep them quiet and engaged in an activity while you rest?

I am looking forward to my lovely husband coming home so he can help take care of us both!

One Response to “Mommy’s First Cold”

  1. Vicky September 28, 2010 at 2:52 pm #

    I had that cold a couple of weeks ago, and it wasn’t fun. I usually run over to my parents’ house for the day and get them to help me with the kids while I take a nap in their spare room.

    When Joel was in daycare, he used to get sick almost weekly. The other parents would send their kids when they were sick and it used to make me so mad! Now that he’s in school, there will be even more germs going around. He’s only been going 3 weeks and already missed 2 days with a cold. Let the cold and flu season begin!

    Take care of yourself, hope it passes quickly.

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