Simply on Board Toy Strap

27 Sep

So Victoria from Pippalily sent me one of her new products for review. It is the Simply on Board Toy Strap that has recently been picked up by Babies ‘R’ Us as a new product that they sell.  I really liked the Pippalily Pouch Sling that I had reviewed earlier in the summer so I was more than happy to work with them again and test out the Toy Strap.  Two straps come in a package, and we received a black with white polka dots and a black strap.

The product is designed for infants to toddlers and its made up of a piece of fabric with strong velcro on each end. One end being for the toy or object you would like to hold onto and the other end being available to secure to the stroller, car seat, shopping cart, etc.  The strap is 100% cotton and is lead free.

We used the product while babe was in the stroller and while he was in a wrap or sling as a way to keep his toys close, especially now as he likes to chew on everything with teeth preparing to appear 🙂  The clip is not recommended for soothers.  I would love to see a redesign of the product and be able to use with pacifiers.  Since baby boy will now take a pacifier it is handy to being able to keep it attached to him while out and about so it does not touch any dirty floors.  The strap will however hold on to sippy cups and water bottles ensuring they stay close by.

The toy is also able to attach onto car seats but since we had the lovely Rae of Charteuse Industries inspect our car seats and learn that toys strapped onto the car seat, hanging around the car seat (even if from a door, back of a chair, etc.) are not recommended from a safety point of view.  So unfortunatley we did not try the product out on our car seat to see how babe would of reacted, how low it would of hung, etc.

I like that you get two straps in a package and they come in other great colours of pink, green and blue.  It will be interesting to see as baby boy grows and gets stonger if he can take apart the strap as its velcro.  I am thinking that a strong toddler may be able to undo the velcro.  We have other similar clips that we really enjoy as we can attach them to our child’s clothing, therefore a favourite teether or toy is always close by.  I tried to attach the strap to baby boys wrist but he wasn’t very impressed with my creativity 😉 

We will continue to enjoy the straps on our stroller and look forward to see how Simply on Board grows and continues to offer in the future.

note: the straps came with a little white tagged attached that had the material description on it.  This came off after 3 days of use.  This can be a potential choking hazard as young babies like to eat the strap. I suggest you remove this before use.  As well I have noticed that the thread holding the velcro has begun to come loose.  But like all toys and straps its important that you inspect them on a regular basis.

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