Baby HealthPod Review

25 Oct

What busy parent would not love an organized place to put all their childs health information, including questions they have asked and had answered at previous medical appoitnments, what shots your child has had, a place to log all your prental appoitnments and tests, growth charts and family heath history? 

When baby boy was born I created a binder with some tabs and an envelope taped to it as a way to try to keep track of all the papers we were given, log his weight gain as we struggled through the first few weeks with breastfeeding and tracking appointments we had gone to and were booked to go to in the coming weeks.  It soon began to look like a tattered book as we took it places, shoved it in the diaper bag and tried to keep track of where we last left it.

Our lives became a little more organized with the help of our new Baby HealthPod as its divided into 6 essentail sections (Essential Information, Health Visits, Baby, Growing Up, Health History, Family Health) in a zippered binder that ensures you never lose a piece of paper because if you are like me sometimes I place a piece of paper inside with the intention of properly securing it once I get home and get sidetracked with another project 🙂  The pages can be replensished whenever you need more, ensuring that you truly can use your Health Pod for life.   This is a huge like for me as usually you have to buy the product again if you want to continue using it but space has been used up.  I also like the fact that you can add pages at anytime.   At 10.5″ x 7.5″ it is easy to carry around and put in the diaper bag to have access to when attending medical appointments.

With zippered pouches and pockets there is lots of space to place your next appointment cards, immunization records received from the medical staff, and anything else that may be contain important information for your child and family.  With a place to put a pen you are sure to always have one handy when you think of something last minute to tell your doctor, question to ask at next appointment, or your child’s current growth measurements.

The HealthPod is recommended by doctors and was guided by a team of medical professionals and this shows as its a well thought out system that makes keeping track of your child’s medical information in an organized manner.  My pediatrician also made the comment that it was nice to see a new parent look so organized and have all their information easily accessible.

Moving forward it would be a great added touch if you could personalize your HealthPod with choosing from a variety of colours, right now it comes in Green.  With a price point of $59.95 it is definitely a higher price point then other systems to place medical information and childrens info that you may find on the market.  This may not be a product I would have considered purchasing pre baby with lots of other products to buy as we prepared for his birth, but I will definitely be purchasing one for our next child.  This also would make a great shower gift.

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GUESS WHAT?!  The wonderful people at Health Pod Baby have offered to give our readers $10 off the purchase of this wonderful product! Stock up now for your own family, upcoming baby showers and Christmas!  Use promo code DeGrace from now until November 3rd, 2010

Thank you to Health Pod Baby for sending me their well organized Health Pod.  This blog post is 100% my opinion and I have not been compensated for this post.

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