10 Nov

We were blessed with a beautiful baby boy who rarely fussed but never slept well.  His startle reflex would wake him up whenever he settled into a sleepy slumber.  We would place him down on the bed and his arms and legs would start to move and jump around.  He would fall asleep in the car seat and as soon as we opened the car door his arms would jump with the slightest noise and then he was awake. Wide awake.

We tried swaddling in receiving blankets, but with a 9lb 5oz baby receiving blankets were just not big enough.  We found some great muslin blankets that we used in our nightly rotation but had to wrap them very tight for our little Houdini who would somehow still find a way out of them at times.

The Woombie became a part of our nightly routine (we used Aden & Anais muslin blankets, Woombie & Miracle Blanket).  Bath, stories, nurse and then to sleep tucked in the Woombie.   The Woombie comes in 4 sizes (preemie, newborn, big baby and mega baby).  I must also put in this disclaimer that any child who is rolling or even close to rolling should NOT be swaddled for safety reasons. 

Snug as a Bug in a Rug

The Woombie is very easy to use as there is no wrapping involved.  Just tuck them in, zip it up and you are all done!  The double zipper allows for easy diaper changes without having to take the whole thing off.  I never had to worry about it unrolling and a chance of suffocation throughout the night. I knew in the Woombie my baby was safe and sound.  It is very light weight, ensuring he did not overheat and the 4 way stretch fabric ensures he was comfortable and it truly did mimic the womb.  Baby boy felt secure within the Woombie and could still move with the stretch but could not startle himself wide awake. 

The only thing that I didn’t like when babe was swaddled was I never wanted to lay him on his side to nurse him while I was laying down.  I always felt like it would be an uncomfortable position for him to be in without having his arms free to nurse and wrap his arms around my breast like he likes to do.

This product is definitely a product I am packing away (now that babe can roll!) and saving for our next little bundle of joy!

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