PTPA Award Winning Booby Trapper

13 Nov

I love breastfeeding my child at any opportunity I get. The bond that we have created during these quiet nursing sessions have left me in awe.  It is just me and him totally in sync.  Calming, nurturing and loving.  I love to see his little eyes sparkle at me while he places his hands on either side of my breast and eats away.  I am by no means shy about breastfeeding and will breastfeed at any opportunity that may arise.  Toronto City airport Porter lounge? Nursed there.  Walking in the Sherbrooke mall, check, nursed their also. You name the place and I have probably fed my child there.   However, I know that not all people are as comfortable with my public breastfeeding as I am.  For that reason I sometimes choose to cover up.  The nursing cover I purchased when babe was first born was good but at times it would cover up his body and it was hard to still see him, especially if it was windy and the cover was “sticking” to him.  He would get hot and then would start squirmy which would make nursing a little more challenging.

Then I got a hold of the PTPA Award Winning Booby Trapper.  It is the only nursing cover I have seen on the market with double boning, meaning it keeps the fabric away from baby easier.  I could always see my baby while using the Booby Trapper and he never got hot or flustered while breastfeeding under it.

I did find a few times that the rings you put the strap through to place over your neck would come loose and the cover would start to slip off. With a bit of time and precision I was able to keep it in place.  It would be great if these were replaced with something a little more user friendly for those times when baby needs to be fed NOW! 🙂

There are 4 nice fabrics to choose from and I would like to see the fabric choices continue to grow.  The Booby Trapper is the 3rd kind of nursing cover I have tried and its by far my favourite.  It would also make a great shade cover for those hot days when you have your baby outside with you.

So, if you are a breastfeeding mother who is searching for a nursing cover that allows you and your baby to stay comfortable while still be able to make eye contact and share in the joys of breastfeeding I recommend you try this one out!

One Response to “PTPA Award Winning Booby Trapper”

  1. Nancy Armstrong October 8, 2011 at 5:12 am #

    I realize that this post is almost a year old (like my youngest!!) … but I wanted to thank you for your kind words about my creation, the Booby Trapper. I completely understand your comment about the strap occasionally slipping – and we believe we’ve rectified the situation. I share your love of breastfeeding, and it warms my heart to know that the BT was helpful to you during that special time!
    Sincerely, Nancy Armstrong, Booby Trapper Enterprises

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