2nd day of Christmas – Making a List, Checking it Twice

6 Dec

Does it weird you out that I LOVE to sit down with my computer/iPhone calender (doesn’t matter which one I use as it will sync with other) and my planner pad.  My planner pad is a whole other post and how its funneling down approach to organization excites me! I also like to colour code my planners 😛

Surviving the holiday season with a little bit of zen can be a challenge but I like to tackle it with some planning and organization. 

1. Make a list of all the gifts you have to buy (don’t forget about teachers, baby-sitter, hostess thank yous, etc.) and try to limit your shopping mall footprint.  Ask yourself “What can I buy online and have shipped for free or reasonable cost (read: less then what my time may be worth to get in the car, drive to mall, park, walk to store, walk back to car, drive, arrive home…..all with kids in tow!), and can I get most of my items at a large store or on a few blocks in my favourite neighborhood.  Once this list is made try not to deviate from it.  This is my weak point, very big weak point!  But I do love to see items being crossed off my list as I go!

2. Make a list of all the decorations, crafts and yummy treats you hope to make.  Create sub lists that tell you how much materials you may need (ie: do you want to make one wreath or three? What is your design outlay?), how many cups of flour you will need on hand for the gingerbread, pastry and squares, and whether you have any wrapping paper left over from last year.  You want to make sure you have enough material on hand but not so much that it is taking up precious space in your home.  Carry that master list with you at all times. You may have an opportunity to skip to the craft store in between appointments and don’t want to be walking around aimlessly trying to remember what all you needed.  I like to have the list created on my phone and then I can email it to my husband to pick things up as well.

Dom & Poppa Coach

3.   Plan ahead for events, dinners and family time.  Get out your calendar and schedule what days you will be seeing various family members.  In our family my husbands parents are divorced which adds to the number of families we celebrate separate holiday events with.  Plus, now that we have our own little family it is a priority and we are excited to start our own traditions.  Menu plan for the month of December early on and make sure you have staple items in abundance.  Grocery stores are very busy and you do not want to be running to the store at 5p.m. for a clove of garlic!  Decide what day you plan to decorate your tree, schedule a family day at the park, local parades, etc and make family time a priority.

4.  Check those lists twice. Did you forget about buying a gift for Uncle Tom?  Do you need to buy a teacher gift or does the class do a group gift and you need to send money to school?  Book two family celebrations on the same day?  Catch any double bookings, or mishaps early on so you have time to re-schedule.

5. Once you have planned, scheduled and oraganized, sit back and relax. You deserve it. Know who you are seeing when, when you need to have the Advent Calendar made by.  Get a glass of wine and soak in a well deserved bubble bath!

So get making your lists, check them twice, and Happy Holidays!

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