4th day of Christmas- Baking

13 Dec

Mmmmmm smell the gingerbread cooking! Sweet smells filling the kitchen and eager hands ready to eat all the treats! I like to ensure there is homemade baked goods around the house during Christmas and tend to give them as gifts as well all wrapped up pretty or in festive tins. To be honest though with a busy babe my holiday baking has been put on the back burner this year and unfortunately there will probably not be any butter tarts made (a fave for many).

I have made my list of what I will be baking, made a trip to the grocery store to by all the ingredients and am fully prepped and ready to go. I have also made sure there is room in my freezer to keep the goodies fresh until Christmas arrives.

Here is what is on my list to make this year:

Gingerbread from Martha Stewart

Toblerone Shortbread Cookies from Best Mom on the Block

Giant Sugar Cookies– Martha Stewart *these are absolutely so divine I have already put them in the freezer so I will not eat them all!  I guess because my husband reads this blog he now knows where they are!

Vanilla Fudge– Martha Stewart (think I have a crush on her maybe :))

Gingerbread Muffins– Best Mom the on the Block

We have already started the baking, gingerbread was first, and I am eager to finish the rest of it and get it packaged up. Because really, who doesn’t enjoy a nice home-baked treat around the holidays?

What is on your Christmas baking list this year? Do you like to prep before and freeze or bake as needed?

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