9th Day of Christmas- Gifts for the Yoga Enthusiast

23 Dec

With the Holiday Season here you may still be on the look out for fab gifts! Here are 8 items I would recommend and put on my yoga wish list any day.

Gift Card / Class pass – This type of gift is always greatly appreciated for the newbie who wants to give yoga a try to the yoga enthusiast.  Don’t worry if you can only purchase a one class drop in.  Yoga enthusiasts know the value of a yoga centre drop in fee and any donation to our yoga practice is always appreciated 😉 Expect to invest up to $20 for a drop in 90 minute blissful yoga session. 

TranquiliT Cardi Shawl (http://www.tranquilit.com/tops/cardishawl.html) – This piece of clothing is a staple in my wardrobe and I am hoping to get a new one this Christmas as I have worn mine out!  TranquiliT sells beautiful clothing that is ever so soft!  I have a few other pieces of their collection and have always worn them to the max!

The Happiest Tree (http://www.leeandlow.com/books/59/hc/the_happiest_tree_a_yoga_story) – This book is read every session in my preschool classes.  Read and learn about Meena as she uses yoga to help her get ready for an upcoming class play she is struggling with.

Shanti the Yogi dvd  (http://www.spiritvoyage.com/yoga/Shanti-the-Yogi—Mountain-Adventure-DVD/Snatam-Kaur/DVD-002410.aspx) – I am a true believer that if we are going to teach kids yoga it needs to be lead by experienced and knowledgeable yoga teachers who shine while teaching children. Snatam Kaur does just this.  With her beautiful grace and presence this dvd is a great way to introduce yoga to your children at home.

MC Yogi– Mantras and worldly insight all done to a great beat!  My older kids always ask for “Be The Change”( http://mcyogi.com/lyrics/be-the-change/) a powerful song about Ghandi.  With a hip beat the Sun Salutations fly and the kids stay smiling!

Lululemon Everywhere Bag (http://shop.lululemon.com/The_Everywear_Gym_BagPU/pd/c/620/np/620/p/2791.html)  I have used my lululemon bag as a diaper bag, travel bag, purse, fitness classes and much more!  There are always a variety of colours but after 5 years of use my black one still has tons of life left! Black coloured bags won’t look dirty, stained or worn over time with use.

Yoga Mat (http://www.manduka.com/catalog/categories/products/mats/) Everyone needs a mat to practice on, it’s a place where you celebrate your personal practice.   For kids colour can be fun, especially a different colour for each child in your family to ensure everybody has their own place and space to practice.

Capital Yoga Publishing  Applications  (http://www.capitalyogapublishing.com/index.php) – CYP is the fantastic work of Ottawa yoga teacher, Jamine Ackert.  Check out CYP great yoga apps but respected yoga teachers.  Having the privilege of studying with Jamine at past yoga teacher trainings I am excited to see her classes now available to the world.

*Please note that I was not compensated in any way for the mentioning of any above services or products. They are all my personal opinion.

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