Review Tuesday- Didymos

4 Jan

Thanks to Birdie’s Room I had a lovely Didymos sling sent to me in the summer and have been playing with it over the last few months.  Didymos are free from heavy metals and are made from pure organic cotton.  They are weaved so they support the child (yes, they are heavy duty enough to carry a young child!) evenly and they never lose their shape.  For the eco-conscious the fabrics are free from any poisonous chemicals and are hypo-allergenic. A didymos sling is basically a very long piece of woven fabric that you are able to tie several different ways to wear your child in a position that is comfortable for both of you depending on how long you will be babywearing and what you will be doing.  I do find the learning curve to be a bit more extensive than other baby carriers but because of the quality of a Didymos I am more than willing to continue to learn.  I have yet to try a back carry, but I am determined to master it in 2011!   We have tried several kinds of tying for a front carry and a hip carry with this beautiful woven wrap.

The didymos is not the carrier I would recommend for the “newbie” babywearing individual but its one I recommend once others have tried a mei tei or soft structured carrier.  I have also used my didymos as a blanket on cold days in the car to keep babe warm and then put him in it to carry on with our errands.

From what I have been told by others who have a Didymos and websites I have read this carrier will last me through all of our babies to come! Yes mom, I said babies, you will be getting more grandchildren!

With a steeper price point, from $130 to $190 it is an investment but one any avid babywearer is probably willing to pay for quality product that is made to last through the years and several children.

Now if only I could find the need to get another colour of Didymos to add to my collection…..its like a fashion statement!

I would like to thank Birdies Room for providing me with the Didymos for review.  All opinions in this blog post are 100% mine and no money compensation was received in exchange for this review

2 Responses to “Review Tuesday- Didymos”

  1. Amy @ Muddy Boots January 4, 2011 at 3:56 pm #

    What carries have you tried so far, Amanda? Is that an ultramarine indio? It’s lovely.

    Have you ever visited’s forum? There are areas just for using pouches/slings, asian style carriers (a la mei tai), and wraps. We’ve just started a COTW- Carry Of The Week series where members will be posting pictures and lists of tutorials for a different carry each week. Might be good incentive to practice!

    As for price, aren’t most Baby Bjorns around $120? And they last til, what? 15lbs? I can still carry my four year old in my woven wraps! Or my seven year old… if I ever needed to!

    • namastemommy January 10, 2011 at 1:48 am #

      I have tried front and side, tying each a few different ways, yes that site is great 🙂 and yes its the ultramarine indio….love it! What carries do you like?Love talking babywearing 🙂

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