Family Vacay- 1st for the Babe!

10 Mar

We were up at 3:30a.m. Friday morning to get ready and head to the airport for a 7:30 flight. Why up so early you may ask?  You know my post from two weeks ago with our daycare dilemma? Well…..WE FOUND A FAB PLACE! That’s a whole other post in its own and will be coming soon 🙂 So, we had to drop our cheque off to secure our spot immediately and did so on our way to the airport.

Baby D was a superstar through the airport, hanging out in our ergo as we checked in, breezed through security and boarded the plane.  Thanks to Sheila Gallant-Hollaran from Vision 2000 for booking our flights. She was amazing to work with and I highly recommend her should you be wishing to travel. 

With kamut puffs, cheerios and water bottles he was entertained the first 90 minutes of our 3 hour flight.  Oh yea, he did munch on some pizza at 8a.m. too 😉  The mess on the floor around us was obviously not what the flight attendant was used to as she made the comment “wow that’s a big mess” half way through our flight. Okay lady, yes you are right.  However, would you rather a happy baby or a baby that is upset or disturbing all the other passengers?

Once we arrived in Orlando it was right to pick up the rental car and head to the condo in New Smyrna.  This is exactly the kind of beach house you would see in an old movie.  Eclectic decor, with a little of that and a little of this, but a fantastic view of the ocean and just a few steps to access the beach.  The weather is beautiful, especially after leaving    -24 degrees C weather. 

Our first day was spent getting unpacked, relaxing and snuggles with the babe.  Of course he slept horribly, but doesn’t he always?!

Day 2 started with grocery shopping to stock up for the week and then a fabulous afternoon walking along the beach (by the way my Didymos wrap was wonderful as I had him on my back, front and hip as he preferred to be moved around depending on what there was to look at and how tired he was).  The night ended with a later dinner, cooked by moi and my dear hubby.  I was in bed absolutely exhausted by 8:30, but have also been full of a cold for the past few days.

Here we are at day 3 already and boy did we shop, shop, shop today! Headed over to the outlets in Orlando (about an hour away) and we made extreme purchases at lululemon, coach, carters, van husens, and much more!  We made a trip at lunch time back the car just to relieve ourselves of some of the bags!

I think Dom has decided that life is good when there is sun and the ocean 🙂

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