Mothers Day

8 May

What a wonderful year I have had with our baby boy.  Last year on Mothers Day I was counting down the days to finally meet the sweetheart. Well, to be honest I was counting down the days to end a pregnancy full of nausea as well 😉  Last year at this time I was definitely at the uncomfortable stage.  It was uncomfortable to get out of bed. Uncomfortable to sleep. Uncomfortable to eat. Just uncomfortable. But boy was it worth it in the end!

There has been a lot of talk this week on various social media sites about what your idea mothers day is. What types of gifts do you hope to receive, what do you like to eat, where to do you like to go, etc.  For me its simple. I wanted to spend some relaxing time with my son, get to sleep a little extra and enjoy a nice home cooked meal made with love by my husband.

So far we have had just that.  I slept in until 9:30 (hey! that’s sleeping in when you have yet to have a full night sleep since having a baby!), enjoyed a coffee and baileys, played with babe, went out for breakfast and enjoyed a nice afternoon at the agricultural museum where babe got to touch a baby goat!

As we gear down for a nice supper of homemade french onion soup and attempt to get some food into baby boy who has had yet another stomach bug since starting daycare, it has been a nice relaxing day.

So to all the moms out there Happy Mothers Day!


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