Summer of Awesome

25 Jun

So I have decided to jump on the Summer of Awesome bandwagon and join Lynn from Diary of a Turtlehead & Sara McConnell from My Points of View through a great journey of creating fun in the sun and pure awesomeness with my family this summer.  Last summer was a bit of a blur with a newborn (who still doesn’t sleep but we love him sooo much!) who just liked to eat and snooze in our arms.  We did get out and about but did not participate in many kid activities as he was too young and couldn’t go out too late at night because it was our cluster feeding time.

Summer of Awesome, hosted by Turtlehead

However this summer baby D, well more like toddler D now, is all about moving and grooving and we are loving taking him places to explore.  This year we have become members of all the museums in Ottawa and the Biodome in Montreal.  We just added a membership to Mont Cascade on that list.  With most of these places your membership is paid off within a few visits!

We are ready for a Summer of Awesome and I have compiled a list below of places we will include in this journey!

1.  Granby Zoo– Hubby has fond memories of going to Granby Zoo as a kid but has yet to be back since it was revamped, expanded and the water park added. We are eager to make this an annual tradition for babe on the way to the grandparents house.

2. Parc Omega– We have driven by it many times and it sparked our interest the first time we stayed at the beautiful Chateau Montebello years ago.  We will definitely be including this on our list of great and fun places to visit this summer!  Stay tuned as I am sure I will be tweeting about some gross animal slober all over our car 😉

3.  Mont Cascade– Okay, so I did say we have already been, but it was just last week so still part of summer, right? We actually went two afternoons in a row because it’s so close to the house.  I am looking forward to many more afternoons spent with babe pointing to the slides to go back down. We spend all of our time in the kiddy part but the slides there are still fun 🙂

4. Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo – I love the baby marmosets here and can’t wait to watch babes face in amazement at all the little creepy crawlers and big gators!

5.  Biodome- We already have plans to head to the biodome in two weeks and hope to take another day trip to in August.  Our family membership has already paid for itself since we purchased it in January.

6. Montreal Science Centre- We have spent many afternoons and evenings down at the Port in Montreal but I have yet to visit the science centre. I think our museum membership here may actually cover our admission fee for their too as I know it is applicable at other museums out of the City.  Oh and speaking of the Port in MTL have you seen what they have planned for there?  In an article I saw looks like great new things are on there way! Plus I want to see this- and this

7. Gatineau Beaches– since we are new to the area we are still exploring and getting our bearings. Babe loves playing in the sand and continues to come home from daycare covered in it!!  Can’t wait to take him back to a beach where there is unlimited sand to muck around in!

8. Storyland– I remember going here as a child as it was a short drive to get too.  I remember vividly walking through the big trees and being amazed by all the fun little characters.  They have added a splash pad and mini-putt since I was a child 🙂

9. Family Walks- We are so blessed and were given a beautiful double chariot from a wonderful family this summer and I can’t wait to use it more.  I really enjoy going for nice family walks, pushing babe in the stroller and heading to the parks.  I would love to explore more local parks throughout Gatineau and do some of my favourite ones in Ottawa. My top Ottawa faves are Windsor, Brewer, Stanley, Strathacona & Lindenlea!

So that’s my list for now and I may add to it as we go along and discover something that we want to explore as a family.  What are your summer plans this year?  I hope to blog about each adventure as we go along but with a babe on the move and a business that is growing as fast as the kid sometimes life just happens 😉




So there are a few places I forgot to add and thought I would add them here….

*Chateau Montebello – a friend had mentioned that it is possible to pay a day fee to use the facilities such as outdoor pool, trails, etc.  We stayed here a few winters ago and loved it!


2 Responses to “Summer of Awesome”

  1. Lynn June 25, 2011 at 1:09 pm #

    That’s awesome! There is a lot on your list that is new to me, since we live way out in the west end – totally opposite end of town. I’m looking forward to hearing about all these great places!

    • namastemommy June 25, 2011 at 5:34 pm #

      Thanks Lynn for starting the Summer of Awesome! I’m excited 🙂

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