Home Improvements

9 Aug

Painting, tearing up carpets, re-building a deck, painting some more, finding appropriate furniture, tearing up more carpet and finishing landscaping are all things on our to-do list for our new home. Truth be told they have been on my to-do list since the day we moved in last August.  I thought I would tackle all the rooms and have them painted in no time.  Ha! I was blessed with a lovely little boy who brings a smile to my face each and everyday but who also has not been on a regular nap schedule until recently.  Recently because he is now in daycare and I am back to work full swing.  Umm, the spare room which I thought would be a super easy and quick paint?  I finally after a year living in the house tackled the walls.  I won’t show you pictures since I still need to do some touch ups, paint the doors and the trim.

As you know having a family brings forth a lot of other tasks. Some fun and some possibly not so fun (aka cleaning up poop that has smeared down a child’s leg and then they put their hands in it!) and I would not trade it for the world. However, it does mean that I don’t get as many things completed as I originally thought because I would much rather be snuggling with the cute little boy who has just learned to give kisses.

I have decided that I need to make a list of what I hope to accomplish over the next few months, just as @larawellman of Gliding Through Motherhood has done.  She called it “Getting It Done”, I think I need to call mine “Do It NOW” 🙂

Here in no specific order is what I am still hoping to accomplish sooner than later in the house…..


*finish touch up painting of spare room

*paint doors in spare room and change door knob handles (yea, we bought these probably about 3 months ago…..)

*paint D’s room

*paint doors in D’s room & change door knob handles

*paint bathroom

*paint bathroom doors & change door knob handles

*find a picture / painting (something!!) for the bathroom wall

*move some of the pictures in my office to downstairs in the new playroom

*put trim on two of the walls downstairs in the playroom where it is missing (ahem…guess I will need somebody’s help 😉 )

*deal with the papers that are continue to pile on my desk in the office

*I think I would like a giant white board wall in the office to keep track of my to-do’s.  If they are there in my face I may be tempted to cross more of them off!

*Figure out a plan for our master bedroom- wall colour, curtain colour, keep duvet cover currently have or go w/ something else?

So as you see the list is pretty big as it is and I know I will be adding more to it as I go along. Wish me luck crossing off these to-do’s!


So fess up….what do you have on your to-do list that has been sitting there for a looooong time?

One Response to “Home Improvements”

  1. Lara August 10, 2011 at 12:47 am #

    Great list!! Good luck getting it done 🙂

    I’ve stalled this summer. Back on track soon!

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