Exploring & Vacationing with …..the Ergo!

22 Aug

So if you know my family at all or have been an avid blog reader you know that we are an active babywearing family.  We have snuggled with babe in numerous ways with slings, wraps and soft structured carriers since the day we brought him home from the hospital. At 15 months he still loves to be snuggled close to use on our outings in between his running and exploring.  We recently made a weekend family trip to the Eastern Townships & Montreal.  Our trip included the wonderful Granby Zoo, where you can read about our adventures here, and fun at the Biodome in Montreal.

When packing to go away with a baby or toddler there are many things you need to bring with you.  Especially when staying in a hotel and need to bring “extra” things like a playpen.  Sure there are things we sometimes compromise and leave behind but a baby carrier is NEVER one of them for this family.

Thanks to Ergo & Fulton Sales we received a lovely Performance Ergo Carrier in a vibrant “Spring Green” colour to take with us on our explorations of the Granby Zoo & Montreal Biodome.  When you are in a busy place with a babe who wants to see all the action at your eye level baby wearing is definitely the way to go.  With a tot who is now over 25lbs we carried him comfortably throughout the zoo and the biodome, as well as the streets of Montreal!

Here are some of the fab features that the Ergo Sport Performance has:

*the Sport Performance is 1/3 lighter than their “standard” carrier. It sports mesh lining and increases the breathability of wearing your baby for long periods compared to the “standard” ergo.

*With a durable outer layer, it truly seems that this carrier will have a great extended life!  I look forward to reporting back on how much we still love this carrier after we build our basket ball team 😉

*Comfortable shoulder straps!  Really!  Wearing a heavier baby or toddler of extended period of time can be hard on your back or shoulders at times if not properly made or worn correctly.  This carrier is truly comfortable for wearing hours on end.  It encourages and enables proper posture and supports baby well.

*Chest strap is on a slider to enable easy adjusting.  This is a great and easy feature when I am wearing babe on my back.  However, I do find it a challenge at times to adjust this strap when babe is on my front (and the strap is therefore across my shoulder blades).  I am not sure if it’s because I am fairly broad here or whether I would have a small challenge no matter what.  As a yoga instructor I do find myself fairly flexible though 😉  The challenge for me is to slide this strap down far enough so its well below my neck and then be able to tighten it.  This is truly the only small issue I have when wearing the carrier.  When I am on my own I can jiggle it down with some patience.  When my lovely husband is with me he quickly ensures it is in a comfortable place for me….thanks babe!  I have tried both colours (the blue/grey combo and this one) and find the green/black combo warm to wear when outside for long periods of time.  The blue/grey combo is lined with grey mesh inside (instead of the black) and find it more comfortable when outside in the sun and warm weather.

Baby D loved staying close to us in the Ergo (and we loved it to being in such a busy place like the zoo with a 15 month old who can already run….fast!) and getting to see all the animals and scenery at our height.  He truly got a better view of everything and got a full experience out of the zoo.  His favourite? Definitely the African Safari!

I even got my father in law to try out the Ergo.  He was a babywearing virgin until he tried on the Ergo.  After much reassurance that Dominic was completely comfortable (don’t worry a babe will tell you when they are not!) and that he was safe, the two of them enjoyed the zoo together.

We also hit the Biodome in Montreal for a day after a sleep over in Montreal exploring the city and all it has to offer.  Full disclosure if you read my blog you will know that we love Montreal, travel their often and really do call it a home away from home!

We have tried many many many carriers and this is one that we usually always have in the car and it comes along everywhere with us.   It does take up more room than something like a ring sling that you can just throw into your diaper bag but with the weight of a small toddler and the ability for my husband and I to both wear him easily (or other family members) it is very hand to have on hand when out and about.

Have you heard what is coming out and new at Ergo? They will be offering their Ergo Carriers in Petunia Pickle Bottom prints!

I have had a Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag that I have used since baby D was born and we have gotten a lot of use out of it and it’s stylish!  The fabric has lasted extremely well and is very durable.

Have you checked out Fulton Sales on Facebook to stay up to date with the latest and greatest products they have to offer?  You know what else is cool? Once Fulton Sales hits 2500 fans on facebook they will be having some great giveaways via various bloggers across Canada.  Guess what?! We will be one of them!!  Please go and check out their website, “like” their facbeook page and send them some love!

2 Responses to “Exploring & Vacationing with …..the Ergo!”

  1. Alicia August 23, 2011 at 1:37 am #

    I’ve been kicking myself for not getting an Ergo. I put my sling away when E was 1 and then took it back out this year – he’s 2 and still sits comfortably – but it’s hard to hold in him a back carry. I keep thinking I’ll get an Ergo for the next child, but I should really get one now. Can’t wait til your giveaway contest! Sounds like it’s a perfect fit for us too.


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