Crawling Out From My Rock!

25 Sep

Yep, I know it’s been a while since I last posted with the BIG NEWS! I am starting to re-emerge from under my rock. Or the bed covers I should say as that is where I tend to spend most of my time when I am not at work.  This all day “morning sickness” is quite extreme and the regular medications they prescribe just isn’t cutting it.  Not even close.  I tried a homeopathic remedy and it worked! For 24 hours, and then that was it 😦 Seriously it was a tease. A huge tease! For 24 hours I felt normal. I could function. I got out of bed with a little bounce in my step and was able to play with D. Then the next day I woke up feeling horrible again. We tried to increase the dosage but that didn’t change a thing.  There are a few other homeopathic remedies for me to try but I am hesitant since the Dr has prescribed a new med….a very strong one….but safe in pregnancy and it seems to work a little. I am still very nauseous and don’t feel like eating a lot but I am not getting sick near as much.  Yesterday I even took D to swim lessons on my own and enjoyed it.  Poor little guy hasn’t had an outing with just his mommy in over 14.5 weeks!

Somebody was tired after swimming & a snack!

I am totally guilty of not writing or journaling a lot through this pregnancy. I had purchased another pregnancy book to keep track of everything, all my dr’s appointments, feelings, thoughts, ultrasounds pics, etc. and I have yet to get around to really even opening it up. One day I keep saying, maybe tomorrow.  I think its time I just did it.  I really want to keep the same memories in a special book just like I did for D.

So here I am slowly crawling out from under my rock and I hope I continue to feel a little better on the new medication and be able to at least move along a little bit with my day and play more with D.

Cross your fingers and toes for me!

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