Portable DVD Players = Sanity for Long Car Rides

9 Nov

So we took our first long car ride as a family. It was 6 hours. I know for some of you that is not long but for my family, especially me who (even though I love the earth and protecting it) much prefers to fly!  Ha, and we want to maybe drive to Florida with TWO kids 😉

We stocked the car with cheerios, bagels, water bottles and movies and we were off! Hubby had bought a portable dvd player a few days before our trip and it definitely was well worth its price!  As baby boy was still in a rear facing car seat for this trip we (well the hubby) came up with a solution to tie the dvd player to the head rest of the chair so baby boy could still see it but not play with all the buttons.

The contentment on his face as he watched Cars was perfect. It made the drive a lot smoother and he also had a nice little nap and we only stopped one time each way.

Absolute best part of the moving watching in the car? Listening to baby boy giggle at various points of the movie.  Hubby & I looked at each other and asked if the laughing was actually coming from our son in the back.  Of course we had heard him laugh numerous times when we play and goof around but had never heard him laugh while watching tv or a movie.  The giggling then was followed up by fighting type noises as he mimicked the Cars movie for one of the scenes.

Watching our child grow up and learn new things everyday is absolutely amazing. We are so blessed to have him in our life!

So, what are some of your sanity saving tips while taking long drives?  I want to know because, yes, we are seriously considering a drive to Florida in Winter 2013.  Unfortunately there will be no warm beaches for us this winter as baby #2 is due in March.

One Response to “Portable DVD Players = Sanity for Long Car Rides”

  1. Misty November 9, 2011 at 1:03 pm #

    We are also forgoing the trip down south this winter, as we’ve taken little A. the past 2 winters, and each time, she got super sick (something to do with the plane ride I think!) So we’re also considering driving in 2013! I think the number one sanity saving tip is to be prepared for the worst. Be prepared for a fussy kid, and for lots of extra stops. My Mom used to wrap up small gifts (eg. pencils, cars), and we would get a new gift every half hour. These would then get put in this awesome storage thingy (with pockets) that tied onto the seat in front of us – so whenever we were bored, we could pull out whatever treasures we wanted! I still remember those awesome car trips!!

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