Things I Like This Pregnancy

11 Nov

I have been having a few better days the past week or so and I am hoping this means that at my next OB appointment I may have even gained a pound or two, rather than the 18lbs I lost in the first half of the pregnancy.  I have noticed that I have started to crave things. For the longest time I only ever wanted watermelon. But the list is growing…..

*Cold water….ice cold

*Lemonade…so cold it’s slushy!

*Greek on Wheels- Hot Louisiana Chicken Wrap, Greek Salad & Rice…..yum! And my husband LOVES getting food from here for take out so he is more than happy that I am craving this 🙂

*Zofran- yes this is a prescribed drug but it REALLY makes my days go a little better!

*Lasagne with bread & butter

*Watermelon, watermelon, watermelon. Do you know how hard it is to still find yum & deslish watermelon this time of year?! A lot of places still have it for sale but it does not taste like the real deal…you know?

*Mango/Banana smoothies…..made with just mango, banana and a little bit of water

*Grapefruits. Oh how I love grapefruits!

*Oranges. But not that kind that are super hard to peel and then all the white stuff sticks to them and they just make a mess. I know you know what I mean 😉

*Grilled thai chicken and garlic mashed potatoes from the Keg. Yes, I am expensive when I am pregnant 🙂 But this meal always stays down, or so it has the last 20 weeks and I have had it at least 5-6 different times now!

So that is about it. Well at times I also crave my cheese with mustard sandwich. Yea, yea, you probably think it’s gross but it is something I have liked since I was a kid.

What sort of things did you crave when you were pregnant? Was there anything that you craved during pregnancy that you didn’t normally eat a lot of or really like at all?

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