12 Days of Christmas prep & organize

3 Dec

So December has arrived and there are only 20 days left until the big day! Instead of becoming overwhelmed with tasks on your to do list I have some tips to share on how I like to stay organized and calm during this busy month.

*Make a list & check it twice with everyone you need to buy or make a gift for.  Don’t be left running around trying to find a gift for that certain somebody who you happened to forget about or wasn’t sure what to get. Plan it out before!
*Draft up a meal plan so you can limit your trips to the store. Ensure it is flexible in case guests pop in (always great to have extra in the freezer!).  Having extra meals in the freezer means you can spend longer time playing in the snow with the kids and dinner just needs to be reheated!
*Create lists of what groceries you will need from at least Christmas to New Years.  The last place you want to be the days between these two holidays is the store.  Check out what you have planned for meals and buy a few extras for unexpected guests and munchies.
*Organize a schedule of where you are to be when and then ensure you have lots of time to get there. You don’t want to feel rushed!  Have to visit grandparents, in-laws, aunts, uncles and more? Know where you are going when and remember that it is okay to politely decline invites. Your time is precious. Spend it with your family!
*Block in times just for you and your immediate family. Maybe that’s Christmas Eve, Boxing Day, or an afternoon during the week.  Breathe in the quiet moments.
*Baking this year? Make a list of your baking needs & set a baking day/weekend. Purchase everything ahead of time and freeze extras.
*Feeling crafty? Make a list of what crafts you want to tackle and set a craft day or weekend. Set aside enough time (plus a little extra!) to complete the projects. You don’t want to have glitter out all over your home for days or weeks!
*Watch for sales ie food, presents needed, craft supplies, etc. A lot of expenses can occur during the holidays. Create a budget and stick with it!

Most importantly prepare for the unexpected.  Unexpected change of plans. Unexpected guests. Unexpected snowstorms! Let the holidays roll in and do what works best for you and your family.

What are some of your tips for preparing for the holidays? Got any to share?!

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