Ikea Ottawa- Offering a Whole New Level of FUN!!

10 Dec

I had the wonderful opportunity of getting a sneak peek of the brand new Ikea in Ottawa. Wow, it is HUGE! There are so many staged rooms that offer a world of creativity that I could explore all day. When walking into our home it is evident that we are very big Ikea fans. We love the clean and sleek lines. Modern design and look. You absolutely cannot beat it’s affordability either. We have Ikea beds, cribs, all of our dressers, futon, desk, chairs, tables, tv stands, book shelves and the list could go on!

The new ikea has over double the parking, over double the product and over double the checkouts!,;

Looking to renovate your kitchen? There were ALOT of kitchen showrooms with lots of creativity and examples of making your kitchen work best for your families needs. Need new cupboards? Selection is definitely not limited 😉

One of my favourite things to buy at Ikea that I can’t seem to pass without grabbing another to bring home? These picture frames look great and all sizes are very well priced!

The kids section is sooo much bigger than the old Ottawa store and there was a great toy selection. I must say that the toys were extremely reasonably priced as well!  I am excited to head back in the next week or two and make some purchases!!\


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