Take a Breath

10 Feb

Sometimes life happens. Something comes up that was unexpected and can throw you for a loop. Tonight was one of those nights. Something came up, something very small in the grand scheme of life, that threw me for a loop.  I was supposed to do something tonight for my company and it didn’t turn out as planned.  As a friend and client tonight said “Sh** happens.” Yes, yes it does and when things do happen my advice to others is always to take a moment and notice your breath. Is it shallow and rapid or deep and full?  

Well I didn’t find or notice my breath for at least 5 minutes but once I paused to notice my breath I realized that what happened was now out of my control. It happened. Was now in the past and really in the grand scheme of life really didn’t even matter.

So I challenge you the next time you find yourself faced with something unplanned that the first thing you do is stop and notice your breath. I promise that I will also try to do the same. Invite your breath to continue to flow slowly, deeply and fully.  Your breath is what you need to survive and thrive. Everything after that will fall into place.

One Response to “Take a Breath”

  1. notwh0 February 10, 2012 at 4:47 am #

    What! What! Hunh! Oh yeah…. breathe. Breathe. Breathe. Thanks for the reminder.

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