And Then There Were TWO!

27 Apr

Four weeks have passed in a whirlwind. I have no idea where the time has gone. Really…no idea…not a freakin clue!  In a way it just seems like Bella has always been here and always been a part of our family.  In other ways we have made changes within our family unit to adapt to life with two babes. I will add that we are very excited and happy with any changes to our family unit we have made though!

We are in our daily routine and it is going smoothly. There are definitely times I wish I had twenty extra pairs of hands but I have to remember to just slow down. I have found myself asking our 23 month old to “listen more carefully” or asking him why he hasn’t done something I have asked him a few moments prior to do. I have to remember that he is still technically one and that for his age he is very active, mature (as mature as a 23 month old can be!), extremely kind to his sister, polite and helpful.

Four weeks in I am used to packing up the diaper bag with enough stuff for TWO, changing and washing all the diapers for TWO, the amount of clothes and blankets you go through with TWO children and DOUBLE the mess.  Even with now DOUBLE of everything I am extremely excited and grateful every single day for these two precious children in our lives.


I look at our sweet Bella and can’t believe she has already been here for a month and how much she has grown in that time.  Somedays I sit and brainstorm ways we could just freeze time. Or maybe we should just shut ourselves in the house for an indefinite amount of time so we can treasure every precious moment of our children’s lives. But really in reality how fun would it be not being able to watch our children learn, grow and discover the world?!

I am finding that time is hard to find these days with taking care of both cuties, running a business and the daily household tasks the time seems to slip away during the day.  In the little time I have while Dom has his nap in the afternoons I am quickly loading and unloading the dishwasher, throwing on a load of cloth diapers, making grocery lists and more….all while usually breastfeeding Bella.

To be the best mom I can be I have been trying to remember to take time out. Taking a few moments or an hour for me. Like taking the time out to write this blog post, enjoy a latte at the local coffee shop or a dinner out with friends. Of course Bella is normally in tow with me but enjoys sleeping all snuggled up in a wrap to leave me hands free.

One thing I can’t wait to be able to get back to? Working out and yoga!! But really everything else in the world can wait as long as I can treasure every minute with my two cuties!!

2 Responses to “And Then There Were TWO!”

  1. Carrie Dodd April 29, 2012 at 4:29 am #

    My son was 20 months when my daughter was born and quit napping 6 weeks later! Be thankful your little guy still naps 🙂 So hard getting anything done around here even 10 months later and my 2 yr old isn’t always nice anymore. He started knocking his sister over! I go back to work soon 😦 Enjoy your little cuties!

    • namastemommy May 1, 2012 at 11:36 am #

      gah, fingers crossed D stays napping a bit longer!! lol 🙂 Poor you that would have been busy with no napping!

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