Morning Triumph

2 May

Most people would probably classify their morning successful if they have coffee to make, the kids didn’t throw a fit over wanting to watch more tv before school, toddler slept in past 6a.m. and there is no rushing out the door to work, school or an activity.

I have always been blessed that my husband is an early riser. Therefore he gets up with Dom at 5:30, sometimes early like today (4:30!!!!!), gets him breakfast and also gets himself ready for work. This allows me and Bella a bit more time in bed to sleep before I start my day. There is ALWAYS coffee on hand at my house. My loving husband learned early on that one of the keys to a successful marriage for us is making sure there was coffee on hand for me in the morning. It really is better for everybody this way.

So what do I classify as a successful morning? Well lately, more specifically since Bella came and I started pumping to have frozen breast milk on hand, I classify this as a successful morning….

Yep that is 70ml of pumped liquid gold. I know for many that may seem like nothing but for me this is a huge triumph. You see me and pumping have never really loved each other. It’s more that we tolerate each other.  I think this distorted relationship began almost exactly two years ago when I had Dom. I lost my milk supply and had to pump to get it back.  Some boobies like these milk machines and others don’t. I know where mine fit in.

However I keep at it.  It is important that our children get access to breast milk as much as possible and ideally exclusively.  So I am building a supply of frozen breast milk in my freezer. So if you come over for a visit and think the long sticks of white popsicles in our freezer are treats to be eaten think again. There is only one person those treats are for and they are for my baby girl when mama needs a few hours out of the house.

This morning was my best pump yet…70ml from one side in less then 8 minutes. I have found that I get the best results when babe is feeding on one side and I am totally relaxed.

So every morning around 7a.m. you now know what I am most likely up to. I have even mastered the breastfeeding while pumping and enjoying a sip of my morning coffee.

2 Responses to “Morning Triumph”

  1. twohandsfull May 2, 2012 at 5:23 pm #

    I had a terrible time pumping with D2. He never took a bottle, ever. It was kinda torture actually. I am glad that time has passed. Although I am still nursing him 3 times a day now. I am sure it is more for comfort/habit than actual milk. I don’t even feel a let down anymore.

  2. Carrie Dodd May 4, 2012 at 5:01 am #

    Fortunately my boobies loved the pump because my DD (second child) couldn’t breastfeed (hypotonia – she couldn’t suck) so I had to bottle feed her but I was able to easily pump 45 oz a day, enough to feed her and freeze plenty 🙂

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