Gatineau cloth diaper project

14 May

The City of Gatineau is taking lead from a few other cities within Quebec who offer subsidy programs for those who use cloth diapers.  January 2012 they developed a pilot program that hopefully would encourage more parents to use cloth diapers.  This was part of their “green fund” and was the responsibility of the environmental department within the City.  The program would refund 50% of costs for your cloth diapers or laundering up to $100.

Once you applied online you had a series of steps that you had to take. You had to commit to using cloth diapers for baby for the duration of time that they are in diapers.  To be eligible you must be a resident of Gatineau, have purchased cloth diapers or use a laundering service in 2012, applied online (you were then given a family registration # that you used for future reference & it ensured only 300 families applied) and submitted all the necessary documentation to the City for final approval. At this point they would then issue you your rebate.

I was surprised when I finally applied in April that there were still over 150 spots left for the program. I originally hadn’t applied because we already cloth diapered and had a fair bit of diapers in rotation that we were using for baby girl.  In April when I was told there were still spots left I applied and purchased more diapers that would better round out what we were currently using.  The process was simple. I bought diapers at our favourite cloth diaper spot, sent in my proof of residence, receipt of purchase (they require the original but they do send it back for diaper warranty use), birth certificate of baby girl, and within 2 months a cheque arrived at my door with my rebate!

It is my hope that they continue with this program, encouraging more families to either start cloth diapering or continuing to.  Wouldn’t it be great if the City of Ottawa and many other locations followed the City of Gatineau’s lead?!

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