What To Expect When You’re Expecting- Movie Review

30 May

I am in that stage in my life where I seem to be fully immersed in the world of baby, toddlers, snotty noses, poop, crushed cheerios in my car and you know what?? I am LOVING it! I should really saw “we” as my husband totally rocks the daddy card and could not imagine having our life without our sweet babes.

We attended the screening for “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” last Wednesday thanks to Alliance Films.  Many are familiar with the book of the same title that details your pregnancy journey from the moment of conception through to delivery and life in the immediate postpartum.

Those who know me know that this book is not in my top picks of books to read for the mom to be.  I always suggest reading some Ann Douglas, Penny Simkin, Ina May Gaskin and Jack Newman for parents to be looking for some educational and informative reading material.  I find the book too generic and quite often makes a new mom panic-stricken with the scenarios that play out and the repetitive answer of basically “call your doctor.” However, I had seen the movie previews and if a preview catches my attention enough to stop and watch it then I know it’s a must see. The fact that my husband actually expressed interest in coming with me (something we haven’t done in over 5 years together!) because he had seen the previews and said it would be funny, was a bonus for me!

The movie follows the experiences of 5 very different couples on their journey to parenthood.  These journeys are quite realistic and ones I have seen various friends experience over the years.  It continues to amaze me the different experiences women have trying to become pregnant and while they are pregnant.  My pregnancies are even more extreme then Wendy’s (one of the movie characters) but growing up and dreaming of having a baby I always pictured my experience would be more similar to Skyler’s (with my personality though…not hers….and a younger husband).

The dad group strollercise adds great hilarity and character to the movie as it greatly reminds me of my friend Jules (no not the Jules in the movie but just as awesome!) strollercise classes. A wonderful environment for parents to come together, get out with baby, get some physical fitness in and best of all a time to be surrounded by others who are also knee deep in poop, snot, baby smiles, giggles and endless laundry.

This movie kept me intrigued with fun comedy and laugh out loud moments.  A few tears were shed along the way- both of happy and sadness at a few points.   It caught a place in my heart, my mommy heart, and it reminded me how blessed I am to be on this amazing but sometimes rough rollercoaster ride called parenthood.

I really hope that this movie is part of Stars & Strollers or Movies for Mommies as I know the theaters will be packed with moms and their babes.  I know I will be seeing this movie again in the future!

Disclosure: I was not paid or compensated for this review other than the movie tickets to attend the Ottawa screening.

Disclosure 2: I love love love chick flicks and any movies with relationships, families, kids, etc.

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