About Namaste Mommy

Here we go on our journey to parenthood with many ups, downs and bumps along the way. Join our laughs, mistakes and fun as we take one day at at time. Baby #1, a boy, arrived Friday May 14th, 2010.  His arrival was much anticipated by mommy and daddy. Our fingers are crossed that we are not in over our heads!!  I really want to know after 9 months of vomitting and now breastfeeding around the clock, when do I get to have a gin and tonic again?

When not busy being a mommy I am an experienced yoga teacher in the Ottawa area, and can be found developing my business DeGrace Energetics as we specialize in our Little Lotus Yoga  & Parent Safe First Aid programs. 

After years of being a nanny I decided it was time to raise my own children and am delighted that I have an excellent man to dive into this roller coaster ride with!

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