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The bar is slowly lowering….

11 Oct

Yep you heard it here first. The bar is slowing lowering. My standards bar that is and I am sure you can hear my husbands sigh of relief miles away!  While I am mostly busy looking for the closet bag or can to get sick into these days (no, I haven’t been drinking…..I am pregnant!) I don’t have the time or the energy to worry about what my house looks like, whether the pile of clothes on the floor are dirty or if they are the clean ones my husband folded for me and I haven’t put away for over a week.  I have no idea whether the peanut butter on the floor is from yesterday’s breakfast or last month’s.

I am a totally different person when I am pregnant and suffer from hyperemesis.  Throw me a pillow, a comfy couch and a bucket and I am good to go.  That inch of dust on the tv stand? What dust? Seriously, when I am pregnant it’s like I turn into a male who doesn’t see any of it or have a care in the world.

Normally when I am ill and the house is a mess I would begin to feel stressed and it would bother me. Maybe it doesn’t bother me now because of the pregnancy hormones, I don’t know. But really I DON’T CARE….and it is great 🙂

We have decided to raise the bar just slightly from where it has landed on the floor over the past 16 weeks. We are outsourcing. I have a new love. My house cleaner. She moves my furniture to clean underneath, I could lick my bathtub when she is finished and no dust to be found anywhere! When she was finished there were things that were found that I can’t remember the last time they were seen.

I tell you that I am onto this whole outsourcing thing and I could really get the hang of it. Now just to find that money tree!

Anything you have learned to let go of over the years, during your pregnancy  or as the kids grow? Maybe you outsource some household tasks, childcare or business activities such as book keeping, virtual assistance or more? I would love to hear about it!



22 Jun

Yep, they say payback can be a bitch and we are holding on tight for this ride!  Babe is not only moving & grooving but he is learning all about exploring his curiosity and starting to get into mischief.

Like when he walks into the kitchen laughing and babbling and then you hear quiet. Real quiet.  You will usually end up with hearing 1 of the following 2 things….

1) He walked over to the cat water and proceeds to stick anything in the bowl and then splash it around. He then likes to take one piece of cat food at a time and place it in their water bowl. The other day he dunked his snack into the cat water and then I sat there leisurely while he ate it.  You might be thinking “eww” but I was thinking “oh it’s quiet and he is sitting still….sigh.”

or you hear….

2) Bang, Clunk! Yep he has opened the cupboard where he knows the dried mango and apricots are and is banging the glass mason jar around.  You know because if you smash it hard enough he knows he may get to have a piece of dried fruit.  Don’t worry I totally don’t let him get fruit that way. Well….except the other day he did break a jar but we threw out all the food within its immediate area!

When I approach him to see what he may be doing he usually responds with some sort of long babble and I have no idea what he is saying.  Well, I think I might have a small understanding. I think he is telling me to pretend I don’t see what he is doing.  Maybe in not so nice words though.

Watch in the video below how he “accidentally” pushes his car towards the cat food. Kind of like “oops how did my car get over here?” When I say his name to get his attention he immediately starts into telling me “I am not doing anything, you just turn around and leave me alone.  You are not supposed to know I am here.”  He even points his finger to tell me to go “over there.”

The fun has just begun at the ripe age of 13 months. Oh, and the tantrums?   That’s a whole other post on its own 😉  He is all about the I want it and I want it now so just give it to me.   Some days my response is “you get what you get & you don’t get upset” but to be honest other days I just give it to him because I want some peace and quiet for a few seconds.  Oh how the times are changing since I was a nanny….the nanny who ran a tight ship.

But Mr. I -know-how-to-get-into-trouble still has his soft sides. The snuggly side.  The little boy who pats your back when you pick him up just like you do to him on so many sleepless nights.  The kisses are wonderful and the smiles are priceless.

Moving & Grooving

5 Jun

Wow, how our little man has changed over the past year!  From a little babe who depended on you for warmth, food, comfort and to go to sleep and now a little toddler who can say words, make specific noises on purpose, walk, get into mischief and knows exactly how to make you smile or laugh!

Mornings are a blast with his smiles and playful self.  Watching him lick almond butter off of toast before chewing it with his 6 little teeth is a joy.  Then spreading the almond butter all over the table making art as he is creative.  Daycare drop off is easy peasy these days with all the friends he has made and the wonderful staff there.  He has learned so much already from being within the french environment!  To see his eyes light up when a squirrel runs by, a bird flies into the backyard or a big truck drives down the road is amazing!

His curiosity for what is out there in the world continues to grow each day.  The world is his to explore!

To My Baby on His Birthday xo

16 May

Dear Baby Boy,

I am in disbelief that it has already been a year since we first met you face to face.  You are an absolute blessing to have in our life and we cannot imagine our lives without you being a part of it.  I vividly remember the first time we met in the delivery room with your head full of dark hair and your big blue eyes.  How you were placed on my stomach and wiggled your way up to my chest to eat right away.  When we brought you home you were perfect.  Our lives mingled together perfectly.  Perfect.

We have learned so much this year from you.  Your dad is amazing to watch with you. He makes me so proud and always thinks of you for everything he does.  We both watch you in amazement as you learn something new everyday.  First it was watching you as you learned to smile.  Then you learned to sit at a young age and amazed the doctor 😉  You quickly learned how to scoot around on your bum and then mastered the army crawl.  With a blink of our eyes you were up and almost walking.

Your kisses are so sweet and your excitement when I walk into a room makes any day seem amazing.  I love you to the moon and back and then some more!  I look forward to our years ahead and watching you learn and grow.

You will always be my little boy.




Happy Birthday!

Mothers Day

8 May

What a wonderful year I have had with our baby boy.  Last year on Mothers Day I was counting down the days to finally meet the sweetheart. Well, to be honest I was counting down the days to end a pregnancy full of nausea as well 😉  Last year at this time I was definitely at the uncomfortable stage.  It was uncomfortable to get out of bed. Uncomfortable to sleep. Uncomfortable to eat. Just uncomfortable. But boy was it worth it in the end!

There has been a lot of talk this week on various social media sites about what your idea mothers day is. What types of gifts do you hope to receive, what do you like to eat, where to do you like to go, etc.  For me its simple. I wanted to spend some relaxing time with my son, get to sleep a little extra and enjoy a nice home cooked meal made with love by my husband.

So far we have had just that.  I slept in until 9:30 (hey! that’s sleeping in when you have yet to have a full night sleep since having a baby!), enjoyed a coffee and baileys, played with babe, went out for breakfast and enjoyed a nice afternoon at the agricultural museum where babe got to touch a baby goat!

As we gear down for a nice supper of homemade french onion soup and attempt to get some food into baby boy who has had yet another stomach bug since starting daycare, it has been a nice relaxing day.

So to all the moms out there Happy Mothers Day!


Communicating with Baby

30 Mar

Families sometimes come up with their own lingo and words. Pacifiers can become “suces”, “paci”, “sucky”. Breastfeeding can become “nummies”, “numnums”, “boobies”, etc. But why not use, or use in conjunction with any “family words”, a universal language that many others in the world can also understand? Why not use a a way of communication that enables you to ask a questions or make a statement without making any noise at all? My family has done just that thanks to the PTPA Award Winning My Smart Hands baby sign language tools. I have had the opportunity to meet the wonderful Laura Berg, creater and mom extraordinaire behind the My Smart Hands business. We have been using sign language with our son since he was approximately 4 months old. At 10 months he now can sign for milk and gets extremely excited when we sign it to him. He gets excited and understands the sign for “eat”, “more”, and a few other signs all ready! This makes our job as parents a little easier as we have a way to communicate with him instead of letting our frustrations just rise. As my husband was rocking babe to sleep last night when he woke up a few hours after we put him to bed I was able to walk quietly to the door and sign for “milk” to see if he wanted me to bring him a bottle. By being able to use sign language I ensured I did not disturb them by making any noise, was able to see if my husband needed me to get anything for him and everyone knew what everyone was talking about. Not convinced that sign language can be taught that effectively to a baby? Check out this video with Laura Berg and her super cute daughter Fireese as she shows the world how easy and possible it is to incorporate sign language into your family life.

Daycare Dilemma

19 Feb

We decided to start calling around this week and put baby boy on a waiting list for subsidized Quebec Daycare.  At $7 per day the price is a steal in my opinion for what is still quality regulated daycare.  However, the word on the block is to not ever expect to get a spot at this price.

We have a lovely nanny who currently watches baby boy when I need to teach during the week. Other times the husband is home to watch him while I work in the evening.  The plan has always been that I would stay at home as much as possible to spend quality time with our children while they are young (because it goes by SOOOO fast!) and would continue to run my business.

Our hope is that by the time baby boy gets a spot (we are assuming in 2-3 years) we will have another child who will also require a spot.  Priority goes to siblings to ensure families are located within the same daycare.

So our search begins with phone call after phone call. There is a central waitlist for Gatineau but not all daycares are affiliated with this list.  Therefore we need to call other subsidized daycare centres separately.  I have decided for sanity purposes that I will begin a spreadsheet to keep track of who we have called and when. Most centres also say to call back in a few months time, either because they are so full they are not taking anymore for the waitlist or because they are unable to specify when they may be taking more children.

I have also heard rumours of people “sucking” up to childcare and daycare centres to get their child bumped up on the priority list. We know one individual who got her child in to subsidized daycare because somebody in their family was dating somebody at the centre.  As a former nanny I know it’s all about the schmoozing, the money and how much your family is loved, along with the political boundaries and line up of people waiting.  I have seen nannies be “poached” right at the playground for higher pay, more benefits, and less kids!  The reality is that this happens more than people may wish to believe.

The difference in daycare costs from Ontario to Quebec is CRAZY! especially for us who live in Gatineau and know many who have daycare in Ottawa closer to their places of work.  I know what I was paid as a nanny in Ottawa and it was a salary that was extremely precious.

We would really like to have D in a childcare centre.  We are not opposed completely to a home daycare but in my past experiences as a childcare provider I saw way too many home daycare providers lose their temper, become fatigued or not put full effort into taking care of the children.  Understandably so when you have nobody to relieve you for a break.  On the flip side of that I have also seen wonderful home daycare providers who I would love to have taking care of our baby boy but I do know they can come hard to find…..because they are always so full!

So what are your daycare dilemmas? Did you want one daycare and ended up going with another because of convenience or availability? Did you end up hiring a nanny because of cost and benefits with either one or more children at home? Anybody currently in Quebec using subsidized daycare? Thoughts? Experience?

**Here is the link for Monthly Advanced Daycare Subsidy Payments through Government of Quebec