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Two Years Too Fast

13 May

What a whirlwind! A whirlwind that has been absolutely amazing and a journey I am so blessed to be a part of.  Two years ago today I was wondering if he was ever going to make his arrival and wondering what life was really going to be like once we became parents.  Little did I know I would only have to wait 48 more hours to finally meet him!

The last two years I have learned so much from Dominic. I have learned what its like to really play and enjoy the simple moments such as pausing to watch a plane fly by, crouching down to watch an ant carry food and watch the squirrels run up the trees.

The joy of his laughter can lighten my mood at any time, no matter what is happening around me.  His smile always makes me want to smile back and the joy of watching him learn more everyday continues to amaze me.

Who knew that two years could ever go by so fast. As I pause and try to enjoy each and every moment while they are arrive, being present, I can’t help but worry how fast the next 2 will go by as well.


2nd Birthday Fun!

13 May
All showered and has no idea that today is PARTY DAY!

All showered and has no idea that today is PARTY DAY!


Pretty in pink and ready to celebrate her brothers 2nd Birthday


Warming up for the day with some outdoor play


Kitchens is ready for pizza and cake! Complete with Thomas the Train.


Outside playing with airplanes. Daddy brings all the fun stuff 🙂


Of course we need an airport for the planes! Thanks to J for making this one!!


mmmm CAKE!


It’s past my nap time and today has already been a big day!


Cooling off after Party #1 and getting ready for family to come.


Mama hanging out with Bella


More Yummy Dessert


Sharing hugs with Poppy