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And Then There Were TWO!

27 Apr

Four weeks have passed in a whirlwind. I have no idea where the time has gone. Really…no idea…not a freakin clue!  In a way it just seems like Bella has always been here and always been a part of our family.  In other ways we have made changes within our family unit to adapt to life with two babes. I will add that we are very excited and happy with any changes to our family unit we have made though!

We are in our daily routine and it is going smoothly. There are definitely times I wish I had twenty extra pairs of hands but I have to remember to just slow down. I have found myself asking our 23 month old to “listen more carefully” or asking him why he hasn’t done something I have asked him a few moments prior to do. I have to remember that he is still technically one and that for his age he is very active, mature (as mature as a 23 month old can be!), extremely kind to his sister, polite and helpful.

Four weeks in I am used to packing up the diaper bag with enough stuff for TWO, changing and washing all the diapers for TWO, the amount of clothes and blankets you go through with TWO children and DOUBLE the mess.  Even with now DOUBLE of everything I am extremely excited and grateful every single day for these two precious children in our lives.


I look at our sweet Bella and can’t believe she has already been here for a month and how much she has grown in that time.  Somedays I sit and brainstorm ways we could just freeze time. Or maybe we should just shut ourselves in the house for an indefinite amount of time so we can treasure every precious moment of our children’s lives. But really in reality how fun would it be not being able to watch our children learn, grow and discover the world?!

I am finding that time is hard to find these days with taking care of both cuties, running a business and the daily household tasks the time seems to slip away during the day.  In the little time I have while Dom has his nap in the afternoons I am quickly loading and unloading the dishwasher, throwing on a load of cloth diapers, making grocery lists and more….all while usually breastfeeding Bella.

To be the best mom I can be I have been trying to remember to take time out. Taking a few moments or an hour for me. Like taking the time out to write this blog post, enjoy a latte at the local coffee shop or a dinner out with friends. Of course Bella is normally in tow with me but enjoys sleeping all snuggled up in a wrap to leave me hands free.

One thing I can’t wait to be able to get back to? Working out and yoga!! But really everything else in the world can wait as long as I can treasure every minute with my two cuties!!


Flights,Strollers, Car Seats, Bags and Baby…..Oh My!

28 Oct

Baby D took his first plane right last Wednesday to Toronto for the She’s Connected conference.  I hesitated for a day or two as to whether I would take him with me as I knew it would be a long day for him, leaving 6a.m. in the morning and not back until 8p.m. at night.  Plus I would have to bring the stroller, car seat for in the taxi, the attachment for the car seat to hook into the Bugaboo base, his diaper bag and anything I would need for the day.  My first concern was how the heck will I fit enough cloth diapers in a diaper bag plus everything else to take for the day? I wasn’t concerned how he would act on the plane, my concern was cloth diapers….go figure!  My husband convinced me that maybe we should take disposables for the day.  Did I really want to contribute to more Toronto’s landfills while I was there for the day? Sigh, so disposables it was once I realized how many diapers I would actually need to take for over 14 hours.

I got up at 3:30 in the morning to get myself ready and thought I would wake the babe up around 4:15 to leave the house and be at the airport for 5:15a.m. Ha, should have known better. Since my child does not sleep he was up and ready at 3:30!  The car was packed the night before, with my husband a little frustrated that I decided to pack the car at 8p.m. at night and only then realized that the stroller wheels needed more air.  Off to the garage he went to get it pumped up.

Baby D fell asleep in the car on the way to the airport and I kept my fingers crossed that he would continue sleeping as long as possible.

He is sooo not asleep!

I parked the car (or what my husband would call a van…its a Mazda 5) and loaded up everything we would need. I tried to pack very lightly (one bag for me, one for babe) as I knew we would be bringing some extra stuff home.  We checked in and were able to get two seats so somebody travelling for business into Toronto City would not have to sit next to us 🙂

Security was fun (read: NOT!) as I had to empty everything out to go through the scanner, plus take apart the stroller for inspection.  Really……do you think I am going to hide something suspicious in my child’s stroller or car seat that could harm him?!  The people going through security after us were not too pleased with the amount of time it took me to get everything repacked the way it was.  It took a while.

The staff at Porter Airlines are absolutely amazing and I continue to use their airline each time I need to fly into Toronto.  They checked in with me via twitter to see how I was doing, the staff at the airport where charming and everybody was very helpful in holding the baby while I took apart the stroller at the gate, got us seated and ensured we were comfortable and made the flight a pleasant experience.  What wasn’t a pleasant experience was that my child decided to shit just as we were taking off and it came all out the back of his diaper.  There was no way I was going to try to change that stink bomb in a small airplane bathroom!  I stuck another diaper down the back of his pants and over the outside so I didn’t get covered in the stink.  Oh come on, it’s not neglect, like you have never left your child in poop for an hour!  He was quite happy on the plane, diaper full or not 🙂

Taking the subway to Shes Connected was an experience and I am thankful that I do not have to lug a stroller, baby and two bags on the subway every day for a commute!  We arrived at the conference, with Starbucks in hand (okay well I did, Baby D had Sophie the Giraffe in hand) and got settled in for the day.  There will be an upcoming post on the conference its self.

The flight on the way home was pretty uneventful as well.  The ferry ride to the island was a totally different story. Picture a ferry jammed pack of business people all wanting to get home after a long days work and commute.  Then picture me with a screaming baby who is strapped into a stroller with bags galore all hanging off the stroller, me sweating from carrying everything and praying that I get home in one piece.  Needless to say I was getting the stink eye from people who I know were all wondering whether they would be stuck on a plane with  me and babe on the way home.  Baby D screamed the whole ferry ride and luckily calmed down a little when I picked him up after we checked in. 

I had to check a few bags on the way home and quickly scanned my bag to take out any liquids before security.  Because we received swag from various brands and I hadn’t had a chance to look through it all I wasn’t really sure what was in all the bags.  Peanut butter & salad dressing was confiscated when my bags were searched.  However, I ended up somehow travelling home with my Maple Leaf cutting board and kitchen knife in my carry on bags.  Ummm hello security at Toronto City Airport? You located peanut butter but didn’t even notice that there was a knife in my bag?  Really? I was shocked that we flew home with it when I unpacked the next day.

Other than babe liking to bounce and try to spill my wine while on the plane we had a great first plane trip.  Next one? Orlando in March! Daddy is coming on this one though.

Mommy’s First Cold

27 Sep

So it has finally happened, my first cold as a mom and boy does my head hurt, nose is stuffed and I can’t stop sneezing! I really just want to lay down and sleep all day long but I have a sweet baby boy who keeps looking at me with big smiles and a runny nose too 😉  You see as a nanny I always had the opportunity to just call in sick when I felt this horrid, or as a fitness instructor I would find somebody to lead my classes for me or we would cancel them for that day.  But now I have a job that doesn’t allow me to call in sick or have a replacement come in and take over.  You know what? I am okay with that because I love my new job as mom 🙂

However I know that my job is easier now than being sick with a toddler who needs constant supervision and interaction.  My little man is still little enough that he is more than interested in sitting and nursing for longer, laying down and nursing, sleeping and snuggling, jumping in his jolly jumper, playing in his exersaucer, sucking and chewing on Sophie the Giraffe and then repeating said sequence again. 

I have been using plenty of hydrasense, using my neti pot and drinking lots of lemon herbal tea.  I am really hoping that this cold is short-lived though as the laundry is piling and we are to head to Montreal this weekend.  I feel worse for my little man who cannot blow his own nose.  However, his daddy has been very kind as he squirts it with baby hydrasense then uses a contraption to suck the mucus out!

So how do you survive when you are sick? Are you able to stay in bed all day with cuddles from the kids?  Are your kids in daycare and you take a sick day from work? Any guilty bribes you may pass on to older children to help keep them quiet and engaged in an activity while you rest?

I am looking forward to my lovely husband coming home so he can help take care of us both!


14 Aug

So you might have seen the tweets flying with advice from others on how I could get baby boy out of the habit of his “suck to sleep” association, meaning that he would only sleep when he could nurse to sleep and would then wake up when moved away from the breast.  We had so many difficulties with breastfeeding the first few weeks that we basically co-slept attached to each other.   I love co-sleeping with my little boy but knew eventually I wanted my own space back.  I was afraid of creating a habit that was going to be too hard to break later on in his life. I wanted him to eventually learn to fall asleep on his own, whether in my bed or not.  We tried the No Cry Sleep Solution for a week and did not even see an inch of progress. I am sure if we would have stuck with it longer we could have possibly seen a little bit of progress but I was jumping the gun and wanted to see some progress. The few nights we tried the no cry we tried for over 2 hours and by then he was so exhausted.  One of the issues we were having is his arms and legs fly everywhere when he sleeps and he is a little houdini who can get out of anything we swaddled him in. We tried receiving blankets, the large muslin blankets (which are awesome for summer as blankets!!) and another type of swaddle blanket.  Thankfully Lara from Gliding Through Motherhood  & Kids in the Capital, came to the rescue with the miracle blanket.  We tried the blanket out and he actually stayed swaddled the whole night! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU LARA!  The past 2-3 weeks babe has been sleeping soundly, for the most part, in 2.5-3hour stretches and once he is nursed can be put down and he will stay asleep!!  Only two nights has he somehow figured out how to get out of the miracle blanket and I have yet to see how he does it.

So I may have complained/whined/thought he would never sleep a month ago and now there are nights that I feel like whining because he is now sleeping in his own co-sleeper or cradle and does not need to be held in my arms to sleep.  There are nights when I finish nursing him and just hold him while he sleeps because I am seeing how fast the days go by, how fast he grows and how soon enough he may not want me to snuggle him every moment of every day.

When I walked into the room the other night he was still fast asleep on his own and here is what my big boy looked like…..

So calm, so serene, so peaceful….

Okay mama’s so I want to know your journey along the way with your kids and sleep! Are they good sleepers? Still don’t sleep th night? Do you co-sleep? Do you cry it out? No cry sleep solution? Do you follow a strict bedtime routine? Remember this is a safe-free zone! No answer is right or wrong! I just love all the advice and hearing the journeys mama’s before me have taken 😉

a day in the life….

7 Aug

I have noticed lately that I spend a lot of time “”playing” around online when I am meaning to actually get work done. I decided to live blog today, inspired by Andrea of A Peek Inside the Fishbowl & Erin Blaskie . There are also days when I wonder what exactly did I accomplish today? Most days are lost in the daze of nursing and changing diapers and putting babe to sleep. Don’t get me wrong those are glorious moments we get to spend together and I cherish every moment but thought I would have more time to accomplish other things.

7:15 am.Dom starts to stir and then fusses. I think its feeding time, but he just ate 2 hours ago……I just unswaddled him and put him in bed beside me to feed.  He usually goes back to sleep. I am still tired!  I open my eyes enough to pick up the baby, unswaddle him and check my email on the ipod touch 😉

7:30am. Babe thinks its funny that I think he may go back to sleep.  His sweet smile is telling me no more sleeping for a while. Must get up and shower and change his diaper but have decided to stay in bed a little longer and stare at this cute baby of mine! His smile is delicious 🙂

7:45am  hmmm. somehow his diaper just leaked. I must have really been asleep when I changed it a few hours ago Now the bed is wet. Oh well it will dry! No way am I washing the bedding again today.

8am finally made it to the shower. Dom still playing and kicking on the bed.  In wet diaper and pyjamas….. Oh come on, like you’ve never left your kid in a wet diaper and clothes for a few minutes!  Had to check my email and twitter account again, lol.

8:08am time to throw a load of laundry in and get baby dressed.

8:10am hey kid….when did you do that in your diaper! Close the diaper, bring babe with me to get wet cloth wipes out of warmer in my bathroom. Take him back to his room and change the yellow seedy mess. I then dress him in his cute jeans and shirt that says “what happens at Grandma’s stays at Grandma’s” Grandma is coming to visit in a few hours for the day!

8:15am I make my way upstairs to the kitchen, carrying a baby, computer, water bottle, video camera, ipod touch and socks.  I check my email AGAIN, put babe on his playmat for tummy time (he is not a fan!) and make a coffee. I reach for the caffeinated because it’s that kind of morning.  

8:20am I decide to pump some milk as mornings I can get a little bit of extra to store. I am certainly no milk making machine. Can feed my child and get a little extra for later to store.   I am multi tasking as I pump, play and sing with baby, tweet, drink coffee and eat a crumpet with jam!

8:40am turning that pump off!! boobies have had enough for right now! babe is eating some more and going to sleep on the new nursing pillow I am reviewing.  I start to do some work and get distracted by twitter. damn you twitter!

9:45am babe is sleeping now on the nursing pillow and I am trying to frantically get a hold of my lovely husband. Blogher 2011 has been announced….we are going to San Diego! The internal debate is on…do I go and leave babe and hubby? No way I can think of leaving babe, but would totally trust him to stay with his daddy 🙂 Do we all go as a family? Would be awesome, but is that what we want to do with our family vacay money? Have also talked NYC and/or Amsterdam, etc. agh…decisions!

10a.m babe is starting to stir, sucking/nursing non-actively away again and my mom just arrived.

10:15am time for Grandma snuggles for babe and I am going to attempt to actually pack a few boxes and do some laundry now that the washing machine is finally fixed. No more laundromats! woot!

10:45am check my email and twitter again. Get caught up in a few conversations on there….come on how can you not!? Finish uploading all the video from the camera we have taken of babe over the past few weeks. There is so much!

11:00am we show Grandma some of the video that we have taken over the past few weeks and I load them to you tube and then up to the blog for posting.

11:30am reply to a few emails regarding our fall yoga programs and product reviews. Unfortunately some of the reviews were not of our “style” or products we would use, or that I thought clients/readers would find useful. Always feel like I need to give the PR companies a lengthy explanation. Should not feel bad about this! lol

12:00pm Pack up our diaper bag to head out with my mom and babe. A few extra cloth diapers, hooter hider, sling, wrap (you never know what I may feel like wearing at the time! lol), wallet (just in case I want to shop!) and a change of clothes for babe…..just in case.

12:30pm park in the Glebe and put babe in his stroller.  Grandma gets to push while I put up posters for our fall yoga programs being held in the Glebe & Old Ottawa South.

2:30pm Stop in at Felena’s for a bite of food. Babe is a little hungry so I feed him while we sit on the patio.

3:30pm Walk back to our car with a quick stop in at GNAG to visit the staff and show off the babe. Even get to see a little rehearsal of the dance campers.

4:00pm Head over to the St. Laurent Shopping Centre for a little retail therapy! All the kids summer clothes are $2.99 at Children’s Place so Grandma stocks up on a bag full of summer clothes for babe next summer! We scored on lots of 12 month & 18 month clothes!

4:45p.m. Babe starts to get fussy. He is getting tired and had enough of this outing. I also just realized that I have not changed his diaper since we left the house and he was only wearing a kissaluv contour with a booroi cover. Mommy fail as he has been feeling that serious wetness for a while!

5p.m.We pull into our parking spot and daddy comes out to help unload the car. I take babe in to change and feed immediately. I also give him some bare bum time because I feel bad for leaving him wet for so long!

5:10p.m. Check my email while nursing babe, update this blog post and prep a few other ones.  Update my website with event dates for Fall and return a few more emails about yoga programs. Check out swimming lessons to possibly register babe in for September.

5:30p.m. Time to eat some dinner. Hubby has made some wonderful homemade club sandwiches. I look around as I eat seeing nothing but boxes and mess everywhere! I hate the disaster moving can sometimes bring but it will so be worth it to move in and fix up the new house!

5:45p.m. I start to get a little stressed thinking about how hard it will be for me to move into the house and not jump at fixing, renovating and re-doing things. That is just my personality! This house is going to be a project for a few years.  Hubby & I know what we want done and because we want it done right, well right to our taste and standards, it will take time, effort, sweat and MONEY!  We know we will chip at it here and there until we fully complete it.

6p.m. Take babe downstairs to prep his bath so Grandma can bath him. He kicks and splashes in there for about 20 minutes while I pack up all the clothes I won’t be wearing in the next few weeks as they are all pre pregnancy clothes and pre nursing clothes! I look at some I forgot about and am hopefully they will come back into my selection of everyday clothes in the next few months!

6:20p.m Babe gets his nightly massage, night-time diaper on and pyjamas. I nurse him and then Grandma gets ready to leave. She has a slight upset about the way we swaddle him. WE LOVE THE MIRACLE BLANKET, THANK YOU LARA! Mom things it’s a straight jacket style and oohs about how we put our “poor child” in this blanket when really he should be able to move around. Trust me mom, it saves all of our sanity and he will actually sleep on his own now! HUGE accomplishment.

7p.m. I put babe down to bed and I lay in bed beside his cradle and tweet away! I am thinking about falling asleep myself but feel like I should actually do the work I was hoping to get done today. I contemplate what to do. Decide to have a nap until hubby comes down at 8 to see what I am doing. I come back upstairs for another 30 minutes and then decide to go to bed!

Good Night 🙂

Boy life has changed since baby boy arrived, but I am loving every moment of it!!!

Show me the Money

21 Jul

It’s official I have received my first maternity pay. It only took 9 freakin weeks due to “backlog” with Service Canada. Luckily we easily survive on one income and could of continued if needed. I would not have wanted to be a single mother paying for rent waiting that long!

My maternity benefits is a far cry from what my pre baby salary was but looking at this baby boy is 100 times better then any amount of pay!!

My plan is to take the year off and to spend as much time with baby boy as possible. I am going to work a few hours a week starting in September teaching a few classes and will build back up from there. It’s hard for me to stop completely as I have built the business from the ground up and want it to continue to grow! However I know that every moment is a precious moment with baby and I don’t want to miss any of them!

We are moving into a new house the end of August. A much bigger house, being 5 bedrooms, but it makes economical sense for us to move to this house outside of Ottawa (10 minutes to downtown still!). There is no pressure for me to go back to a certain work schedule for the time being and we took years off our mortgage! We wanted a larger home our family could grow into and loved all the space we got.

We did buy a new car for me so I can have ease of access to various activities with babe and easily travel to work.

However we still want to continue to save money. My husband and I are both very aware of our finances and what money comes in and where it ends up going to. We like to save but are also like to spend 😉

We know a few couples who are at the point of sink or swim with their finances. One or two we wouldn’t be surprised if they were forced to sell their house. Scary! But unfortunately we would have to say that we have seen it coming. I get it finances are a challenging topic for some but I think both individuals in a couple need to take responsibility. Why buy a home you can’t afford to live in?

So as I partake in my first few months of mat leave I would love to know how your family likes to save money? Do you create a budget or go with the flow each month? Are both you and your partner equally aware of your family finances? For those families who have a parent stay at home and no longer receives maternity benefits what tips and tricks would you share in staying smart about your finances?